In the not-so-distant future, Americans will once again have to decide who will lead our country.  In making your decision, please consider Ron Paul as the best candidate for American President.  Not only does he bring over 30 years of experience to the table, but his idealogy is practical and in the best interest of EVERYONE in the country, not just the big corporations or the elite few.

Some Reasons You Should Consider Voting for Ron Paul:

1.  Humble Foreign Policy – He pledges to bring all troops home if he is President and to end America’s military presence in other countries.  Ron Paul feels America needs to be as friendly with other countries as possible and have the ability to trade with other countries as much as possible.
2.  Ron Paul is for individual rights – he wants to take liberties currently controlled by Congress and return them to the people.  For example, Ron Paul’s view on marriage is to allow couples (gay or otherwise) to marry based on their faith and without government documentation.  He believes the government has no right to be involved in marriage in any way.
3.  Frugality – Ron Paul consistently returns money back to the Treasury that he doesn’t spend running his office.  For example, in 2010 he returned about $100,000; in 2009, it was approximately $90,000.
4.  Consistent Voting Record – If you take a look at his voting record in Congress, you will find that he always votes in favor of legislation that is authorized by the Constitution.  Unlike most politicians who ‘flip flop’ on issues in their career and vote based on popularity or what will get them elected, Dr. Paul does not compromise his Constitutional beliefs and is not afraid to stand behind his decisions.
5.  He wants to end the Federal Reserve – Ending the Fed seems to be a popular topic among conservatives these days, but Ron Paul has been making this suggestion for a long time.  The Federal Reserve has contributed to the economic recession and if it is not prudent or logical to shut it down altogether, it needs to at least be audited on a regular basis, and it's activities be made more transparent to the American people.

    6.  He voted against the bank bailout - this was not a popular option at the time, but he was one of the few who stood his ground and believed that it was a bad idea to bailout the banks.

    7.  Big Oil profits are fine; Big Oil subsidies are not – Ron Paul feels that it is wrong for the federal government to provide money to oil companies for things like Research and Development.  Why should the government pay for it?  Oil companies need to pay for it from their earnings like other businesses do.

      8.  Ron Paul knows how to answer questions directly without the usual ‘spin’ that most other politicians use.  He is not afraid to say what he thinks and can support his answers with evidence.  He does his homework!

      9.  Military Veteran - he served in the Air Force during Vietnam as a flight surgeon from 1963 to 1968, so he has a clear understanding of what is involved in war.

        10. Ron Paul is fiscally conservative and socially moderate, and that is what America needs right now!

        For years, Ron Paul has been quietly working to limit government, lower taxes, and defend and keep the American Constitution as portrayed in a popular book he wrote, "The Revolution: A Manifesto".  Ron Paul is not a nuisance in Washington, as mainstream media portrays him; he is a serious, intelligent man who cannot and will not be bought by corporate interests.  His common-sense approach to politics is what America desperately needs right now. 

        Americans, no matter who you ultimately decide should be President, please don’t forget to go out and exercise your right to vote!