The Top Ten Reasons To Learn Mandarin Chinese


Reasons To Study Mandarin Chinese.

Consider that there are over 1.3 billion people in China alone (not all of them speak Mandarin Chinese) and then add in the millions of Chinese speakers in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, US, Europe and elsewhere. The number of Mandarin speakers is continuing to grow and the Chinese language is fast becoming one of the most important languages in business and diplomacy. Mandarin Chinese may soon be the most accepted second language in the world after English.  Here's our top ten list of reasons to study Chinese.

China Is One Of The Largest Economies In The World

China is the place to do business. Their economy has been rapidly growing at roughly 10% a year for nearly two decades. China is on track to become the largest economy in the world. If you are involved in business, you can’t afford not to take advantage of the enormous opportunities being created by this powerhouse economy of China

Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese SoftwareTrade Between China And The US Is Enormous

The US China trade relationship is enormous and of huge importance to both countries. Exports to the US have driven the Chinese economy strongly over the past few decades and created a huge trade deficit with the US. This profoundly affects both nations yet there are no signs of any end in sight. On the other hand, many US business have profitted greatly from moving their manufacturing operations to China and/or importing much cheaper Chinese products. Learning Chinese will give any business an advantage over the competition within this market.  For those wishing to learn Chinese on their own, Rosetta Stone software is an excellent choice.Chinese Characters

Learning Chinese Makes You More Competitive In The Workplace

There is a growing preference among companies to hire those who are bilingual over people who only speak English. Learning Chinese will definitely improve your chances in a job search, particularly in certain fields. Trade between the US and China is enormous and it’s only growing. Companies are seeking out those with Chinese language skills. It shows that you had the determination and dedication to mastering an additional language. Even on a resume it stands out and calls attention to your other skills.  That's certainly a good reason to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Growing Importance Of China In World Politics

China is increasingly exerting its influence on the world stage, not only economically but diplomatically as well. China rise to power will have a great impact on global issues such as the environment, human rights, geopolitics and more. If you have an interest in world affairs, learning Mandarin Chinese and the culture will help you understand them much more comprehensively.

Learning Chinese Is Intellectually Challenging

Learning a new language has been scientifically proven to stimulate the brain and enhance the learning and comprehension of even completed subjects such as mathematics. Bilingual students consistently perform better on their SATs than those who speak a single language. Studies have also shown that those who study languages are less susceptible to Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. The effect is even more pronounced for Chinese given that Chinese is so much different from English and other western languages in grammar, sound, tones and writing style.  There are many options for Chinese language study, whether studying at home using a Rosetta Stone language course or an overseas Mandarin Chinese language program.  Chinese flash cards like those from Chinese in a Flash are also very useful for memorizing characters.

Cultural Insights

China has an ancient culture. They invented the compass, gunpowder, paper, and more. The Chinese history and culture are rich and fascinating. You gain insights into another countries culture through learning the Mandarin language in ways you never will experience otherwise.


Another good reason to study Mandarin Chinese is if you have a love of travel, a decision to study Mandarin Chinese can make your travel experiences richer and often more convenient. Obviously if you wish to travel to China, being able to converse with the locals gives you a much deeper connection to the country. Even travelling outside of China being able to speak Chinese can help you. The Chinese population is richer than ever before and many of them are now travelling themselves. In many travel destinations there are more Chinese speakers than there are those who speak English.

A Solid Foundation For Learning Other Languages

Learning Chinese will give you a strong base for learning other languages, especially other Asian languages. Japanese in particular is much easier to learn after having studied Chinese since the Japanese borrowed many of their characters from the Chinese language. Many other Asian languages have had a strong influence from Chinese which means that they have many similar words and the grammatical structure of the language is much the same as well.

Do It For Your Kids Or Grandkids

Besides being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Chinese is fast becoming one of the most important business languages. The importance of learning Chinese will only continue to grow over the coming years. Already increasingly numbers of high schools in the US are offering Chinese language classes to their students. Give your children an edge by encouraging them to learn Chinese and demonstrate by example by doing it yourself. Having the ability to speak Chinese will certainly serve your children well in the future.

All of the above should serve as 10 compelling reasons to learn Chinese.