There are many types of insurance available, but one of the most overlooked is life insurance. Life insurance is necessary because it takes care of the people that you care for the most in case something should happen to you. If you contribute to your families income in any way then you need life insurance. Every family has financial obligations such as mortgages, credit cards, medical bills and funeral expenses. With life insurance you can rest assured should something happen to you that your family will not be under any financial strain to go along with the heartache of losing a loved one.


I have researched life insurance thoroughly for my family and would like to share what I have found. When considering insurance it is best to speak to an expert who will recommend the policy that best fits you financial needs and lifestyle.

A small monthly, annual or lump sum payment for life insurance can provide peace of mind for uncertainties in life.

Since everyone likes lists, here are the top ten reasons that you need life insurance:

10. It can take care of your family if something should ever happen to you.

9. It will protect your business if something should happen to a partner.

8. There are different life insurance products available with different purposes. You can purchase term life insurance which will allow you to get money back during your life.

7. An average and simple funeral starts at $6,000 and up. Your family may not have to worry about that with the proper insurance.

6. Many policies have cash value, which even in case of bankruptcy can not be touched by creditors.

5. Life insurance is considered a financial asset, which can help increase your credit and help you to get a loan or health insurance.

4. You can get a policy which will cover severe illness

3. You can get a policy that builds value over time and may provide a pension for your retirement

2. Tax free money for your family upon your death! Isn't this where David Letterman inserts a funny joke?

1. What else could be number one, but financial protection for your family!