Discover the top ten reasons to exercise.

Everyone knows that exercising is good for you but do you truly know why?

We all know that we should exercise, so what's your excuse?

The following is a list of the top ten reasons to exercise. If you don't know already why you should be exercising then read this list.

  1. Live Longer
    Study after study has shown the benefits of exercising has on your health. Exercising not only helps with weight loss but it also lowers the chance of heart attacks, Diabetes, and many more diseases.
    reasons to exercise
  2. Look Better
    How many of you are afraid to put on a bikini or take off your shirt at the beach? As far as the top ten reasons to exercise goes this is almost number one except for the fact that living is slightly more important than looking good. At least it should be. Go out and exercise and lose some weight.

  3. More Energy
    It's no secret that one of the benefits of exercise is more energy and endurance. As a society we have become so lethargic and lazy to the point of getting winded just walking up a flight of stairs.

  4. Reduce Stress
    Have you ever noticed that constant tension in your back? Well, that's usually a sign of stress putting too much pressure on weak spots in your back. A great way to alleviate this problem is by exercising those muscles.

  5. Burn More Calories
    Not only will exercising help you to burn calories but as you increase your muscle mass and density you will burn more calories at rest. Meaning you will lose weight even while not at the gym.

  6. Decrease Chances of Getting Sick
    If you exercise and eat right the chances of you catching the flu or any of a number of illnesses will dramatically decrease. Your body will be able to fend off common illnesses with a stronger immune system and better circulation allowing you to get those bug fighting white blood cells to the right areas better.

  7. Decrease Chances of Injuries
    People who exercise regularly have better muscle tone and greater flexibility. Each of these plays a vital role in reducing the chances of injuries. This is especially true as we age and the body begins to lose flexibility.

  8. Increase Happiness and Mood
    When you exercise regularly not only do you lower your stress levels and the hormones associated with stress but you also raise your levels of happy neurotransmitters like endorphins. Endorphins give you a sense of well being and will dramatically elevate your mood.

  9. Better Sex Life
    Exercising helps you to not only look better but it increases your energy and endurance. All of which are important factors in not only attracting the opposite sex but in having a healthy sex life. If you want to impress the opposite sex not only with your physique but how well you perform, then exercising is important. A better sex life should be in everyone's top ten reasons to exercise. Probably the number one reason for some of you.

  10. Sleep Better
    Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Most people do. Not having a release mechanism for your body to unload the stress is one of the major causes of sleep problems. Anxiety levels build up and the next thing you know you are using pills or alcohol to knock you out at night. Give your body what it so desperately craves and go to the gym.

The top ten reasons to exercise are only but a few reasons you should exercise on a regular basis. The benefits of exercising are many and the only excuse you have is laziness not to do it. There is always time in the day to exercise you just choose not to. Now get out there and exercise.

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