Relationships are problematic to say the least. They are hard to start, keep going and preserve. However challenging we find them we have to experience them.  Connecting with another person in this intimate way is one of the things that make life worth living. Being aware of relationship mistakes to avoid can help make the voyage through a connection with another less precarious and aid in making it more stable.

We want to take this trying task and make it as easy as possible.  These are tips and techniques used to make the arduous undertaking of a relationship as stress-free as possible. Knowing which relationship mistakes to avoid will make a cherished bond with another person last longer and better in the long run.

The top ten relationship mistakes to avoid;

1)      Don’t try to make a loved one change

People do change. Though, people only change because they want to.  No one can make another person change. No matter how much love or nagging done in a relationship will make a loved one change unless they want to change. Don’t try and change another person.

2)      Not seeing things through a loved one’s eyes

This is difficult for a lot of people. Looking through the eyes of another is something that can help make a relationship better. Seeing things from another person’s perspective should be done during disagreements or fights. This can defuse the situation and create a better bond between two persons.

3)      Don’t make assumptions

This is a definite no-no. This is one of the largest mistakes in a relationship and men make it more often than women. An assumption during a disagreement is how little things grow into bigger things needlessly. More often than not these are little things overlooked or disregarded that have amassed into a hurricane simply because of an assumption. Don’t assume.

4)      Find someone who has similar likes and interests

When two persons find a bond with each other, it’s generally through similar likes and interests in various activities. At times it’s a penchant for the same physical undertakings like hiking or biking. Sometimes it’s the same sense of humor or movies. Whatever it is similar likes and interests help two persons to form a bond. Both parties don’t need to like all the same things, but sharing similarities is what separates the relationship from others and part of what keeps you bonded as a couple.

5)      Know where the relationship stands for both parties

This is something that is not avoidable. Make certain both parties understand where each one stands with the union. In other words, where is it now and where is it going ? Everyone needs to be on the same page. Is this a fling, one night stand or something more?  Establish where the relationship is for everyone involved.

6)      Don’t go to bed angry

This is easier said than done. However, unresolved issues will put a wedge between a union which may start small and evolve into something huge. Try to resolve unsettled matters as soon as possible. Do not let unresolved issues linger and don’t assume they will work themselves out because they won’t. This is a relationship mistake that could cost you the entire relationship.

7)      Don’t fail to communicate

Communication is one of the key ingredients to a healthy and lasting relationship. Both parties should be on the same page especially when discussing matters which are very important to one or the other. Communication is a must. Talk about things that bother you and listen to your mate when they do the same.

8)      Have empathy for your mate

Empathy is making sure that you have feelings for another person’s pains or sufferings. If you put yourself in their shoes and experience distresses or upsets that your mate does it can strengthen your relationship in more ways than one. This is a relationship mistake easily avoided.

9)      Keep the fights fair

Every relationship has fights or disagreements. When you get into a disagreement or fight with your significant other fight fair. Don’t make it personal. Don’t cross a line that cannot be uncrossed with an apology. Even though you are tempted don’t cut to the other party's feelings to the core and purposely hurt the other person’s feelings.

10)   Keep other people out of the bedroom

There are some things in a relationship that should not be discussed with third parties such as family and friends. This is most certainly the case when it comes to the bedroom. The only people that need to know about successes or failures in the bedroom during a relationship are the people personally in the bedroom. Although it is tempting to high-five a friend on a conquest the other party involved may not appreciate it. No matter how tempted stay away from these discussions.

These are the top ten relationship mistakes to avoid and make it last and prosper. Following these tips can make a connection with another human being last a lifetime if you want it to.