Roger Hargreaves might be a name you don’t know, but you’re sure to recognize his children’s novels. Hargreaves wrote and illustrated the Mr. Men and Little Miss series, showcasing the adventures of various characters. There are 48 Mr. Men books and 42 Little Miss titles, each one showcasing a new character. Hargreaves’s character have been capturing young hearts for over 40 years, selling more than 100 million copies world wide.

Mr. Bump Google LogoCredit:

Most recently, Google honored the late British author by with a series of 16 variations of its logo featuring Hargreaves’s characters on May 9th, 2011.  He would have been 76.  Today, he is still alive through his books, all of which are wonderful reads for young children.  While it may be a bit much to read his entire collection, you can’t go wrong with reading these ten.

1.     Little Miss SunshineLittle Miss SunshineCredit:

Little Miss Sunshine is on the happiest people in world.  She’s responsible for turning Miseryland to Laughter Land.

2.   Mr. TickleCredit:  Mr. Tickle

Mr. Tickle is the first Mr. Men character Hargreaves drew, in response to his son wanting to know what a tickle looks like.  He essentially goes around tickling everyone, so watch out for him!

3.     Mr. BumpMr. BumpCredit:

This character is always covered in bandages because can’t stop bumping into things, poor guy.  It’s quite a hurdle to keeping a job.

4.     Little Miss ShyLittle Miss ShyCredit:

Little Miss Shy doesn’t like leaving her house, she’s too shy and afraid of everything outside.  Which is why Mr. Funny has to drag her to his party, but there she meets Mr. Quiet and changes her mind about staying in her house all the time.

5.     Little Miss MagicLittle Miss MagicCredit:

Little Miss Magic has magical powers that she puts to use around her home and around the city in an effort to settle disputes.

Mr. MessyCredit:     Mr. Messy

Mr. Messy has tried to clean himself up, but like a typical artist he keeps letting himself go.  I would hate to visit his house.

7.     Little Miss NaughtyLittle Miss NaughtyCredit:

This little lady loves playing practical jokes, but they can get out of hand sometimes.  To get her to stop, tweak her nose.

8.Mr. HappyCredit:     Mr. Happy

It always comes as a shock to learn that this smiling character’s twin brother is Mr. Miserable. His favorite word is ‘wonderful’.

9.     Mr. SillyMr. SillyCredit:

Mr. Silly is from Nonsense Land, where the leaves on trees are red and grass is blue.  He’s known for doing outlandish things.

Little Miss TwinsCredit:  Little Miss Twins

Inspired by Hargreaves’s twin daughters, these characters are never separated and always say things twice.