Seinfeld Cast


Seinfeld is a show that is credited as one of the greatest sitcoms of all time and it's not very hard to see why.   As we see when we tune in, the show about nothing touches on so many aspects of life and delivers a highly entertaining, educational, and  comedic experience.     Below are my top ten favorite episodes which are not in any particular order.

1.   Marine Biologist   -  

Okay I lied, this is my favorite Seinfeld episode, but the remaining episodes are not in any order.   In this episode Jerry runs into an old college friend and tells her that George is a marine biologist.  The lie eventually backfires on George when the need calls for a real marine biologist to help save a whale that is beached.  The dialogue in this one is classic.   Also there's a really good twist that brings all the stories together.   There's a reference to an Abbot & Costello bit too if you're paying real close attention, you may catch it.     :-)

Marine BiologistCredit: NBC Studios

2.   The Jimmy

In this one Elaine meets a guy at the gym that seems to be referring to the guy she in interested in as Jimmy, but Jimmy just talks in the third-person.   Meanwhile, Kramer has some dental work done and they numb his face.   While hailing a cab he runs into Mel Torme who is so impressed with Kramer who seems mentally handicapped that he invites him to be his guest at his benefit concert.

The JimmyCredit: NBC Studios

3.   The Fire

George who is attending his girlfriend's party argues with a clown until he notices a fire and sprints out of the house and in the process knocks over an old lady and pushes kids out of the way.  This one has my favorite line in the entire show and this is Jerry's response to George's statement "they should be commending me for treating everyone like equals".   I'll let you experience it for yourselves...The other major plot is Kramer's date goes to see Jerry perform comedy and heckles him thinking that's part of the show.  

The FireCredit: NBC Studios

4.  The Puffy Shirt

During a dinner with Kramer and his date the low talker, Jerry is asked very quietly if he would agree to wear the unique puffy shirt she designed during his appearance on the Today Show.  Jerry doesn't hear what she says, so to be polite he just says yes.  Although completely unintentional, Jerry now has to go through with it and looks like a pirate to the national audience.  Meanwhile George's hands are observed by a model scout and he is given a great job as a hand model.  

Puffy ShirtCredit: NBC Studios

5. The Outing

Not that there's anything wrong with that.   Elaine plays a joke on a lady eavesdropping trying to convince her that Jerry and George are a gay couple.  It backfires when she turns out to be a reporter doing a story on Jerry for NYU.   Although they try to convince her that Jerry is not gay, she still prints the story reflecting that he is.    The New York Post picks up the NYU story and as a result all of NY believes he has come out of the closet.  This one too has great dialogue especially around the two-line phone.   Sure to please.  

The OutingCredit: NBC Studios

6. The Implant

Elaine convinces Jerry that his girlfriends breasts are not real and he breaks up with her.  To be sure Elaine tries to find out in the sauna and accidentally falls on her and is now believe they are real.   Meanwhile George tries to level up in his relationship by agreeing to attend a funeral of a relative of his girlfriend.   This works for him, but things get awkward when he asks for the death certificate in order to qualify for the airline's bereavement discount.  I love the picture at the end.  

The ImplantCredit: NBC Studios

7.  The Bris

While at the hospital, a patient commits suicide by swan diving and landing on George's car in his great parking space.   Elaine and Jerry become god parents while Kramer is convinced that he sees a pigman in one of the hospital rooms and wants to prove it and release him from the hospital. " Pigman baby pigman!!"     The exchange between George and Kramer about transporting the pigman is awesome.

The BrisCredit: NBC Studios

8.  The Opposite

After being down on his luck George comes to th realization that everything he has is the opposite of what he wants.  Discussing this theory with Jerry who provokingly states that if all your instincts are wrong then the opposite would have to be right.   This motivates George for the future to ignore all instincts and do the opposite of what he would normally do.   After doing so his luck does change.  He meets a girl, gets a job and things just take off for him.  Meanwhile Kramer appears on the Regis and Kathy lee show to discuss his new coffee table book.

The OppositeCredit: NBC Studios

9.  The Rye

Elaine is dating a saxophonist who doesn't do everything in the bedroom while Susan invites George and his parents to have dinner with her parents..   The Costanzas bring a marble rye bread to the dinner event and when they leave George accidentally takes it with him.   To convince Susan's parents that it was never taken, George works with Jerry and Kramer to get a new rye bread put in its place in the most fantastic way.    

The RyeCredit: NBC Studios

10.  Chinese Restaurant

The classic episode of Seinfeld that defined how nothing can be really entertaining.  Although it is about waiting to be seated for dinner, it delves into all the drama surrounding each of the characters as they wait and there is a lot going on.  From Jerry trying to remember who someone is he sees there, to George wanting to fight the guy who won't leave the phone booth and we can't forget Elaine's attempt to steal an egg roll.  This episode really is a lot of fun.   "Cartright!" 

The Chinese RestaurantCredit: NBC Studios