Breaking Bad
Credit: Breaking Bad Available On Netflix

Below is a list of the top ten shows available to stream on Netflix.

Netflix streaming is ideal for watching television shows as you can watch entire seasons without commercials. 

Many people now prefer to watch television shows in what is termed as “binge viewing” sessions. Binge Viewing is when you watch several episodes of a show one after another.  For example you may watch 3 or 4 episodes of Breaking Bad on a Saturday night.  Without commercials this would only take a couple of hours, the same as watching a standard two hour movie.

In fact binge viewing of television shows has become so popular that more people now use Netflix and other streaming services primarily to watch shows and not movies. 

While Netflix does offer thousands of movies as well as shows on its streaming service the selection and variety of movies does not match the quality of shows available in their library.  Most movies buffs will utilize Redbox or other movie rental outlets to access more current films than Netflix offers.

That said for only $8 per month Netflix can’t be beat for the plethora of shows available for streaming. 


Lilyhammer- Probably not most people’s top ten pick but it makes the list because it is original content produced for Netflix. Lilyhammer is an exciting development in the streaming market as it signifies Netflix is moving in the direction of HBO and Showtime in producing their own content.  In addition to Lilyhammer Netflix will also be producing, House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and also reviving the critically acclaimed Arrested Development with a new season now in production with the original cast.

Downton Abbey- A show about a rich British family and their servants sounds horribly dull but Downton Abbey is anything but.  The story lines are suspenseful and the characters drag you in from the first episode. 

Sherlock- Is another British import updating the Sherlock Holmes franchise.  Then actor that portrays Sherlock captures the same mischievous aloofness that Robert Downey Jr. does in the movies. 

The Walking Dead- The best Zombie television show ever made and it rivals most Zombie movies as well.  Season two dragged but season one is outstanding and season three has really picked up the pace. 

Arrested Development- The critics loved the dark humor and cutting edge wit of this show starring, Justin Bateman.  Modern Family has hit it out of the park using basically the same style of humor so its puzzling this show got cancelled.  The good news is that Netflix is bringing it back with new episodes filming now. 

Luther- Yet another great British procedural import, again showcasing one of Netflix’s strengths, making the top British shows available to American audiences. 

Friday Night Lights-   Is a riveting drama about a fanatical high school football town in Texas.  Friday Night Lights is a realistic show portraying the working of a small town and its inhabitants. 

Breaking Bad- Wins award after award for stellar writing and acting.  This show is not to be missed. 

Lost- The original science fiction/mystery show that kept audiences scratching their heads and trying to figure out what the Island represented.  The kind of show you looked forward to each week.  Lost is the perfect kind of show to binge view because it gets so confusing that waiting a week between episodes will have you, Lost.   

Battle Star Galactica- If you are a Science Fiction fan it doesn’t get any better than the remake of Battle Star Galactica.   Even if you hate science fiction the story and the acting with capture attention and keep you riveted. 

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There are thousands of other shows also available on Netflix streaming.  This is just an example of some of the better ones. 

Netflix offers a free one month trial so if you don’t have a subscription go sign up for free and check out one or more of these shows for free.