Songs to Get You Moving

Music is one of the best motivators for exercise.  All it takes is a tune with a good beat to get you tapping your feet or bopping along. Nothing is more boring than walking on a treadmill. But when you put in your headphones and play one of your favorite songs, your pace picks up and time goes by faster. If you can't think of any songs off the top of your head for your workout, here is a list of top songs to exercise to.

1. 'Till I Collapse - Eminem.  The lyrics and the beat of this song motivate you to want to push as hard as you can go. This is a good song to listen to when you're doing something really hard like running up a hill or trying to squeeze out those last few reps.
2. Rockefeller Skank - Fat Boy Slim. This is a good running song.  It's a little longer in length - about 8 minutes. But the variations in beats hold your attention.  Its easy to fall into a good rhythm with this song.
3. Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue. This is a sassy song.  This will make you ladies feel empowered.
4. Drop - Timbaland. I first heard this song on the movie You Got Served.  It was playing during the opening dance sequence.  The beat will make you want to get moving.
5. I Proceed - Ciara.  This is another track with a great thumping beat. This dance tune will have you jamming while you pump.
6.Wham Rap -Wham.  Okay.  I'm reaching back into the eighties vault for this one.  But I love the section in the end where they keep repeating "Enjoy what you do!"
7. Shake It Off - Mariah Carey.  This is an easy tempo song that's good for a moderate workout or cooldown.
8. Get Ready - Fergie.  This is an unusual take on a classic song. But the rhythm and the rapping - by Fergie - pull me in.
9. Let's Groove - Earth Wind & Fire.  I started exercising to this song once I heard it on DDR.  The tempo of this song is great for a nice jog.
10. Beautiful Life - Ace of Base.  This is a cheery, optimistic tune.  It lifts my mood whenever I hear it.
Hopefully, with this list, I have introduced you to some great songs to exercise to.  All of these songs can be found inItunes or Rhapsody.  Here's to no more boring workouts!