There are millions of books available for us to read.  Thanks to the invention of the internet anyone with internet connection can access over 20 million books. In this article I list my top ten favorite teen novels. These novels are written for teenagers and young adults and are some of the best books available today.


1. The lightning Thief By Rick Riordian

This book is the first of an amazing series. In the novel a young boy named Percy Jackson finds out he is a demigod and his dad is Poseidon. He joins a camp and goes on wild adventures encountering numerous monsters, and gods. The novel is a New York Times Best Seller. It is my far my favorite book and I highly recommend reading it.

2. The Lost Hero By Rick Riordian

This is another great series by Rick Riordian. The lost Hero is a continuation of the Lightning Thief series. This new series incorporated Roman Gods and Greek Gods, while the Lighting Thief Series only incorporated Greek Gods.

3. The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

This is a best selling novel is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who lives in a heartless society where there are 12 districts that work for the capital. In the novel Katnisses sister is chosen to compete in a blood thirsty game that involves tributes from each district to fight to the death in an arena. In the novel when Katneses sister gets chosen, Katniss volunteers to take her place and ends up fighting in the game. This novel was recently made into a movie and is a great novel. It is full of suspense that will keep you up at night!

4. The Giver By Lois Lowry:This is a novel about a boy named Jonas.  When all the kids in his community turn twelve, they are given jobs. Jonas receives the job of Receiver of Memory. This job entails being the keeper of the community's memory's which can be happy and sad ones. Jonas struggles with his new job and eventually leaves the community. This novel is full of twists and turns and is very exiting and gives the reader a new take on life.

5. The Outsiders By S.E Hinton

The Outsiders by S.E Hinton is a classic novel written in the 1960s. This novel is a great read for teenagers.  In the novel a young boy and his friend kill another kid. They then have to go on the run from the police who are after them. This novel is full of suspense and mystery and is considered a classic by many.

6. Animal Farm By George Orwell: This is a political novel written by George Orwell. In the novel a bunch of farm animals take control of a farm from humans and run it. There are two pigs who compete to lead the other animals. One is named Napoleon and one is named Snowball. Eventually Napoleon forces snowball out of the farm and rules the other animals. Napoleon becomes a ruthless dictator who brutally tortures and kills innocent animals. The novel takes many turns, some for the better and some for the worst.

7. Harry Potter By JK Rowling:This novel has become a classic.  Made into a movie in 2001. The movie starred Daniel Radcliffe who is now a very famous actor. The harry potter series is looked by adults and kids alike. Many people love the magic and excitement the book offers. The novel is very long but many people read it despite it;s lenth.

8.The House of the Scorpion By Nancy Farmer:The House of the Scorpion is a very interesting book. Taking place in a world were Humans can be controlled by a chip implanted into their brains, Nancy Farmer  wrote a novel where a young boy named Matt is a clone of El Patron who is a 146 year old drug lord. In the novel Matt discovers who he is and with help of friends, escapes the grasps of El Patron. 

9.Twilight By Stephenie Meyer: Twilight is the first book in a series, written by Stephenie Meyer. In 2008 the novel was made into a movie. In the novel a teenage girl falls in love with a vampire and risks her life to be with him. This novel is full of suspense and drama.

10. Lock And Key By Sarah Dessen: This novel is about a girl named Ruby who is abandoned by her mother. Despite the risks and challenges she is determined to survive on her own!  This novel is a popular book among many people, it is not one of my personal favorites but is certainly a good novel.


I hope you find this list helpful in picking out your next novel to read. If you enjoyed this article please check out some of my other ones. Also please write a comment below to express your opinions of this article!