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Now Texas is my home, and it always was, probably, it always will be.  I couldn't be much happier with the people of Texas, as I've travelled around a bit, I've mostly found non-Texans to be thoroughly less pleasant than Texans, and also when someone finds out I'm a Texan, they then respond by becoming even less pleasant than previously.  Texans, however, nearly always greet everyone by looking them directly in the eye, and waiting for a response.  There is not a more polite group of persons, although the English might disagree. It's hardly a Texan's fault when folks are jealous of one for being from the Lone Star State.

When you look at a map of the continental United States, you can plainly see Texas takes up a very large chunk of it in the center and towards the South.  It's pretty normally thought we've the greatest chunk of land to live in for the portion of globe known as the USA, and if you don't believe it, just ask us, we'll surely tell you we've got the best of it, and it is because only Texans live in Texas.  You see, it's not just the land, it's the people.  We're all terrifically proud of being Texan, and when we meet another Texan in some heathen land far away, we're instantly relieved for having found another civilized human to converse with.  We smile at each other when we meet with a knowing smile that we are together in a far away and crazy place.  Texas is home to Texans, and no other place can or ever will suffice.

268,581 square miles leaves us second in land mass to Alaska, but most of Alaska isn't inhabitable for human beings, 26,528,398 legal Texans leaves us second in population to california,[1] but first in attitude, and with approximately five thousand percent more self esteem for our much more robust capitalist economy with less restrictions on business and social expression. Texas is the Chuck Norris of states, and besides that, he lives here.  Texas never achieved independence, independence achieved Texas; but you get the idea.

Around the country a lot of persons are forever sad they're not Texan, and well, as an official Texan, I'm not sad, for Texas is willing to adopt most anyone, but some persons simply aren't Texas material.  The jealousy of Texas leads people to say some really dumb things, especially on the internet, where everyone is a genius in their own mind.  This article hopes to address some things about Texas you maybe did not know.

Dell Computers Headquarters, Round Rock, Texas

DELL Computers
Credit: http://discoverroundrock.com/worldwide-headquarters-for-dell/

1. Texas Is The Silicone Valley Of The South

Both Dell Computers[2], and Compaq computers are headquartered out of Texas, making us the "silicone valley" of the South.  While it is true not all Dell computers are made in Texas, a very large portion of them are, plants include Austen, Texas; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Eldorado du Sol, Brazil; and Penang, Malaysia; and Xiamen, China.

Compaq computers has been bought out by Hewlett-Packard, which is a California company, Compaq, however, is still headquartered out of Houston, Texas.  I'm sure it would be ridiculous for me to explain it, but rather obviously, Texas Instruments is based in Texas, As is CISCO.  Texas is clearly on the cutting edge of technology; and you can bet your pickup truck it is going to stay there for many many years to come.  Other major technology companies with major offices or manufacturing plants in Texas include:

IBM (Austin)

BMC Software (Houston, Austin)

HP Enterprise Service  (Plano)

VCE (Richardson)

National Instruments (Austin)

VMWARE (Austin, Dallas)

Google (Austin)

CISCO (Allen)

Microsoft (San Antonio)

Rockspace Hosting (San Antonio)

Data Foundry (Austin, Houston)

FoxConn (Houston)

Governor Perry, Another Proud Texan, Proud of How We Do Business

Texas Is Open For Busness
Credit: http://www.redstate.com/pilgrim/2011/07/29/why-are-virginia-and-texas-americas-top-states-for-business/

2. Texas Is Wide Open For Business, And The Best State To Work In

Every year CNBC publishes a report concerning which states in the United States are best for business, and every year the top spot goes to either Virginia, or to Texas[3].  While I'm certain Virginia is a terrific state to live and do business, only California, the bankrupt state, ever has a larger economy than does Texas.  While it is rather common to dislike Governor Rick Perry for a variety of reasons, one living in the Lone Star State can't fault Perry's economic ethos, and the results in business from his administration as governor.  Perry says it is all really simple, and I will paraphrase, "Don't spend all the money. Keep taxes low, regulations fair and predictable. Prevent frivolous lawsuits. Keep education accountable financially, then get out of the way and let the businesses run their businesses and create jobs."

How big is the economy of Texas?  Well, the exact positioning will change or could change year to year, some economies are very close in size.  While I've most often seen the Lone Star State's economy ranked as the 15th largest in the world, in 2009 Texas had the world's 14th largest economy[4], just behind Russia, and ahead of Australia; much larger places!  While not everyone in this world needs a job, for those of us who want to work, Texas is a fine place to find a job, and live a happily employed life.  There is quite a long list of Fortune 500 companies either headquartered or with major operations in the Lone Star State[5]; and with our all around accepting attitude towards business, we expect more businesses to come here, and more Texans to be happily employed in the years to come.

The Texas State Capital Building, Austin, Texas

Texas State Capitol Building
Credit: http://www.texaschllicense.com/texas-state-capitol-visitors-can-now-skip-security-checkpoints-without-concealed-weapon-permit/

3. Texas' State Capital Building Is Larger than The USA's Capital Building In Washington, D.C.

Everyone has heard the saying, "everything is bigger in Texas."  Well, that probably isn't entirely true, but it isn't entirely false either.  Certainly, the state capital of the Lone Star State is larger than the capital of the United States up in Washington, D.C.  

The state capital building of the Lone Star State stands seven feet higher than the Nation's capital in Washington, D.C.  Built from Texas pink limestone, the building was completed in 1888, and at that time was the seventh largest building in the world.

A Texas Oil Well

Texas Oil Well
Credit: https://twitter.com/CasselTom

4. At Times, Texas Produces More Oil Than Iran

Texas has long been known as a place where loads and loads of natural resources could be found, and most especially, the Lone Star State has been well known for crude oil production.  It's the stuff of legend, stereotype, and well, television.  The Bush family isn't actually from Texas, but Texas has certainly adopted the family of George H.W. Bush; and of course less real oil tycoons reside here on television shows such as Dallas.

Seven point seven four five million barrels of oil a day has Texas been producing of late[6].  The total is larger than what the nation of Iran has been producing. We've even heard of ourselves referred to as "Saudi Texas" lately, while we don't particularly take that bit as a compliment, we do know what ya'all mean.

The University Of Texas At Austin

The University Of Texas At Austin
Credit: http://philosophy.commons.gc.cuny.edu/cfp-university-of-texas-at-austin-philosophy-graduate-conference/

5. Texas Has Some Of The World's Finest Universities, And Best Deals In College Education

When you are a world leader in technology and business as Texas is, it is little wonder the Lone Star State has some of the world's finest universities[7]. The University of Texas at Austin has long and likely always will be considered internationally as one of the world's single finest universities, but it hardly stops there.  Texas A&M, the "Aggies," and Rice university as well achieve international acclaim. Texas SouthWestern Medical Center in Dallas is on the rise as well.

Aside from having some of the best universities, Texas is also thought to have some of the best deals in higher education[8].  High on this list nationwide are Abilene Christian University, San Antonio's Alamo Community College, Alvin, Texas' Alvin Community College, Amarillo College, and Amberton University in Garland, Texas.  There are also many more across the state that are routinely ranked as the best deals in higher education.

Texas Diversity
Credit: http://www.utsouthwestern.edu/education/medical-school/about-the-school/diversity.html

6. Texas Is A Very Diverse State

Persons in far away places often have completely bizarre notions about Texas, it's as if they have George W. Bush shaded glasses, and didn't recognize what great things the Bush family has actually done towards civil rights in the state of Texas, and in the United States of America.  There's no sense in wasting time talking to a fool with some ridiculous party affiliations, those parties exist to play on people's lack of intelligence, and they do it so well they should each the big two get major international awards for sponsoring idiocy.  Texas, however, is a very diverse cultural landscape with wide open spaces and wide open minds.

While the mass media bovine scatological stereotypes are played up across the nation, we Texans continually laugh at the lesser 49 states for their, well, not being Texas.  People from all over the world live in the Lone Star State, and over NINETY different languages are spoken here in Texas[9]. While there are most definitely pockets of homogenous cultures scattered about the very large land mass we love so dearly, we're all Texans here.


Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ, Texas' Best Barbecue

Stanley's Famous BBQ
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54373444@N07/5035386001/

7. Texas Has Some Of The World's Best Food

In a state so friendly towards businesses and so accepting of such a wide array of persons from all over the globe, it's little wonder indeed Texas has such a fine number of the world's best genre of foods, and restaurants to serve them.  From Texas' legendary barbecue to the Gulf Coast's sea food, to Mexican American awesomeness, and onwards to the ethnic German and Czech and Asian cuisines too, Texas has something amazing to offer ever palate.

From our world class restaurants in our world class cities and out into the small ethnic enclaves where the world's finest only locally known mom and pop restaurants are found and shared by word of mouth, Texas has a huge array of culinary delights to offer to all who come to visit, or come to stay and find the world's best jobs.  Vegan or vegetarian?  Don't worry, we've got you covered and in spades.

Texas In Winter - Come To Texas For Very Kind Winters

Texas In Winter
Credit: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/10-best-places-to-retire-in-the-us-2012-02-29

8. Texas Has The Nation's Best Winter's

While it is no joke the Texas Summer's can be brutal, the thing is, the facts of this matter should tell you about Texas Winters, which can be the kindest Winters in North America.  Oh sure, it gets cold in the panhandle, heck, it gets cold in East Texas, and it has snowed in Austin and even San Antonio before.  We Texans like a little snow here and there, generally about three to six inches every other year in the most of the state.  If you just happen to enjoy having to shovel snow off your driveway so you can make your way down dangerous roads to work in the Winter, then please, and by all means, stay out of Texas in the Winters...we'll only disappoint you, and Texans are a very friendly people.  We do not want to disappoint.

A 75 degree Fahrenheit day in a Texas Winter is no odd thing, in fact, it's often we've got such days, and even in January or February.  Here in my hometown of Kaufman, Texas; and only a few Winters ago, we had ten straight days where the temp never got above freezing.  I assure you this was the record for all living and for recorded history here.  So much for global warming, and other such hoaxes, I don't think Al Gore is even allowed in this state, and that is exactly how we like it.

The Texas Music Scene
Credit: http://www.txmusictv.com/blog/we-did-it-episode-one-premieres.html

9. Texas Has It's Own Distinct Music

With so much wealth, such huge cultural diversity, and twenty six million and more people, it's little wonder Texas has its own musical scene producing distinct music the proud people of Texas endorse as their own.  We just have it, that's all.  Few other places do, and particularly, Texas is known for folk music with a wide range of influences, from Robert Earl Keen, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Townes Van Zandt, and of course, Willie Nelson and more, Texas is all about folk music, but let us not forget, ever, the vibrant rap music out of Houston, or the Tejano throughout the state.  Texas is revered and adored in and for it's music.

Texas Is Friendly
Credit: http://www.happinessabounds.com/the-10-best-things-about-texas/

10. Texas Is The Friendliest State In The USA

All around the country and all over the web, if you look, Texas is noted for persons who look you straight in the eyes and ask you how you are doing.  After asking, we pause, and wait for you to TELL US how you are doing, so that we can then either smile at you and tell you we're doing fine too, or shake our head as we patiently listen to your sad tale, and offer some friendly advice or kind words.  We do not rush past you, we stand and open the door for you here in Texas.  We Texans are PROUD to be Texans, and we are PROUD for you to be here if you are not from here, and we wish to show you how wonderful it all is here, and if you don't believe Texas is great, ask a Texan, we'll tell you about it.  I love this place, I've been far and wide, to each coast, to Mexico and Canada too, and never have I felt such relief as when I've passed the border sign to tell me I was home again.  If you've not been to Texas, then ya'all just come on down and stay awhile.