Planning A Trip To Las Vegas?

Don't Miss These Vegas Attractions

Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas is not just about gambling. It is a city filled with many extraordinary attractions and if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas you want to make sure you are able to add some of these popular Las Vegas attractions to your itinerary.   

Las Vegas has been one of my favorite vacation destinations for a long time. The number of things to do in Vegas is pretty diverse and entertaining. long timeThings To Do In Las Vegas sometimes longer than I care to remember.  I love the gambling part of Vegas but I have also made a point of experiencing the other things that Las Vegas has to offer and believe me there are plenty.

Choices range from great entertainment, to shopping, eating choices and more. There ar so many things to do in Vegas that it can please anyone. It all depends on your tastes but I have created a list of ten not to be missed attractions in Las Vegas, Nevada area.

Best Things To In Las Vegas

Vegas Is Not Only Gambling

  1. Welcome To Las Vegas Sign – A landmark of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Sign(79781)Credit: Welcome to Las Vegas sign is located just south of the Mandalay Bay Casino right on Las Vegas Boulevard. The sign is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and is a frequent photo stop for tourists. There is a parking lot for visitors which makes Vegas vacation photo taking easy and safe.

  2. Top of the Stratosphere – If you are looking for some extra added excitement take a ride up to the top of the Stratosphere for the ride of your life. You can get an idea of the level of adventure just by the name of the most popular rides which is called Insanity - The Ride.  It is a one of a kind experience that holds you 900 feet over the top of the strip while reaching speeds of over 40 miles per hour. Other popular attractions at the Stratosphere are the “Big Shot” ride, X-Scream and the Las Vegas Sky Jump. All rides have additional costs and may not run in inclement weather so call first.

  3. Fremont Street – This area is called Old Vegas and is located north of the Las Vegas Strip. It is a condensed area of smaller casinos that are all within easy walking distance of each other. The Fremont Street experience is one of the highlights of Downtown Las Vegas. Every night an overhead light show displayed to music is shown. Each hour offers a different song and theme of lights. It is a not to be missed attraction in Las Vegas. There are also interesting street vendors and lots of entertainment.

  4. Bellagio Hotel – The Bellagio hotel is one of the best hotels in Vegas. It is famous for its Fountains where a combination of water, music and lights is displayed in an absolutely stunning show. Schedules for this free entertainment vary and it does not run in periods of high winds. Another popular attraction of the Bellagio Hotel is the Botanical Gardens which are transformed each season to match the theme. Also the Bellagio Gallery of fine art displays an outstanding collection of art by famous artists. You will not be disappointed with a visit to the sites at the Bellagio Hotel.

  5. Paris – When you walk into the Paris casino, it’s like you are strolling through a Paris street. The casino has all the ambience of a quaint French Village. The ceiling gives the feeling of a blue sky with white clouds and is really beautiful site to see.  Additionally the buffet aEiffel Tower In Las Vegast the Paris gets very high quality ratings and another favorite attraction is a visit to the top of the Eiffel Tower. You can see the Vegas skyline which looks especially pretty at night and if you time it right you can get an extraordinary view of the Bellagio Hotel fountain show.

  6. Caesar’s Palace – Besides the beauty of the expansive casino, Caesar’s Palace is known for its shopping area called the Forum shops. When you enter the area you get the feel that you are walking along the streets of ancient Rome. Also offer is the “Fall of Atlantis”, a free attraction with moving statues and a fountain show.

  7. The Strip at Night – To get a real feel for the Vegas atmosphere, takes a ride down the strip at night. You can take in all the sights and lit up neon signs that make Vegas what it is. The Deuce is the name of the 24 hour double Decker bus that you can ride to see some exciting panoramic views of the Strip.

  8. The Venetian – The Grand Canal Shops offers some outstanding shopping but the Gondola rides are one of the top attractions at the Venetian. Visitors can take a ride on the Gondola either inside or outside. The outside Gondola rides are especially beautiful in the evening where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas strip at night in all its neon glory. Each Gondola ride is accompanied by an Italian serenade of music and the whole experience is very entertaining.

  9. Side Trip to the Grand Canyon – I’m not much for Grand Canyon Side Trip From Vegas(79792)leaving all the action the Las Vegas area but if you want to see an awesome site, take a side trip to the Grand Canyon. There are several places that offer helicopter rides to take in the sites or you can drive there. You will be amazed at the expansiveness of the Grand Canyon along with all of its natural beauty.

  10. Rio – The “Show in The Sky” is a popular entertainment feature at the Rio. It is a big party with music, showgirls and beads being thrown from the entertainers that circle above the casino floor.  Also, have a drink at the VooDoo Lounge. You will not be disappointed by the enthralling view of the Las Vegas Skyline.

As you can see there is a reason that Las Vegas is considered to be the entertainment capital of the world.  It has a multiude of casino hotels, thrilling entertainment venues and fun things to do. Try to take in as many events as you can in order to experience all the excitement that Vegas has to offer.