Visit the Great New York State Fair Located in Baldwinsville !

For twelve days every summer, the Great New York State Fair is the hottest ticket in town. Located in the town of Baldwinsville, a few miles from Syracuse, you can go to the Fair for several days and not get to do and see everything.

Going to the New York State Fair does not cost families a lot of money, so they can go several times and find a lot of things to do and see. You can also bring in your own food and drink, which is also a savings for families.

Discounts on New York State Fair tickets are readily available before the Fair opens. Available from mid-July to the day before the Fair opens, there are several different savings options:

One-Day Advance Sale Tickets are available for 40% off

Six-Day Frequent Fair Passes are available for 50% off

Group Sales Tickets are also available-biggest discount is with over one hundred tickets purchased

You can also buy your Midway tickets for all of the rides in advance for 40% off

Children under twelve are always admitted for free. Senior citizens over the age of sixty have a free day during the Fair’s run.

Discount tickets to the New York State Fair are available at several locations, including Wegmans, Tops Markets and Price Chopper.

Once you arrive, there is much to see and do. Everything is free with your admission ticket, except for the big concert events and the Midway rides and games. Here are the top ten things that should be on your must do and see list.The Great New York State FairCredit:

Top 10 Things to Do and See at The Great New York State Fair

#1 The Center of Progress Building

Located near the front entrance of the Fair, the Center of Progress Building is your place for freebies. There are rows and rows of vendors who want you to try their wares, as well as social action groups with promotional materials. Grab one of the free plastic bags that are offered, and start loading up on your back to school supplies! Pencils, pens and rulers are given out everywhere.

Other freebies that have been available are:

  • Keychains
  • Bracelets
  • Paper fans (you will need this later when in it gets hot)
  • Stickers
  • Coloring books
  • Nylon drawstring bags
  • Free nail art application
  • Free fudge samples

#2 The Dairy Building

One of the most fascinating things to see at the Fair is the butter sculpture. Every year it is different, and watching it rotate in the giant refrigerator case permits you to look at it from all angles.

For younger children, there is the Cow-asel, a small carousel with three cows to sit in. 

Be sure to bring some quarters, because one of the best deals of the day is the ice cold milk served there. For twenty-five cents, you have a choice of regular milk or chocolate.


Eat Authentic Fair Food All Year Round!

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#3 The 4-H Building

The 4-H Building is a must stop for parents with children twelve and under. Youth from across New York state’s counties compete in different divisions. They also have tables set up with experiments for children to try and arts and crafts for them to do. You can spend hours there is your kids are interested.

At the end of the 4-H Building is the live chickens and Eggbert, the talking egg. You can hold newborn chicks in your hand and then ask Eggbert questions about them.

When it is time to leave the 4-H Building, don’t forget to watch the Chain Saw Sculptor. These men take formless logs and in front of your eyes, carve them into magnificent sculptures.

#4 The Agricultural Area Exhibits

This is a big attraction for animal lovers. You can see just about any kind of animal there is, from llamas to pigeons. There is a building dedicated to each kind of animal. You can talk to the caretakers and ask them questions about the animals.

#5 The Coliseum

Walking around for hours can take it’s toll on our feet. If you want to rest in a cool area and be entertained at the same time, them visit The Coliseum. You will be delighted when you watch the different horse shows. Stop in any time throughout the day to give your feet a rest

The Rides on the Midway

#6 Iroquois Indian Village

Local Native American tribes offer shows, as well as their wares in this section of the Fair. You can also sample their food and visit an authentic Iroquois Longhouse while you are there. One of the best buys at the Fair is the beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are for sale.

#7 The Pan-African Village

Music fills the air as you walk through the Pan African Village. Here you can learn about the history of African-American in New York and taste some delicious Caribbean food. Vendors offer a variety of different items for sale that you will not find at the mall.

Comfy Shoes are a Must

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When you are at the Fair, it is not a fashion show. You will be walking for hours and hours...why be uncomfortable? A good pair of sneakers is a must have accessory.

#8 The Science and Industry Building

The Science and Industry Building is another very kid friendly venue at the Fair. When you walk in, there is a place for the children to make their own weather forecast, just like the one’s found at a television station.

A little bit further is the Fire Hazard show and fire exhibit. The exhibit is like taking a trip back in time, as many of the electronics shown are from the past. The show asks for children to participate, and when they are young, it really holds their interest.

For adults, there are a variety of freebies for the taking from local drug stores and supermarkets. Kids can get more pens and pencils for school. One lucky year, free bicycle helmets were given away!

#9 Chevy Court Free Concerts

While a paid ticket is required to see the hottest big name concert headliners playing at the Fair, there are free concerts every day from popular artists from days gone by. Many favorites from the 1980’s and 1990’s appear and take you on a trip back in time. They may look older (like we do), but the music sounds the same.


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#10 The Horticulture Building

Even those who do not like to garden can enjoy the beauty of a beautiful flower display. The Horticulture Building is home to award winning flowers, as well as produce and an apple display. In the middle of the building you can watch the enormous sand sculpture take shape. If you are hungry, go to the Potato Booth. You can get a healthy snack for a small price. Want more than a snack? Grab a meal at the New York Café.

While there are way more than ten things you to do and see at the great New York State Fair in Syracuse, these are the top ones that you simply cannot miss!

Get there early for a good parking space!