1) Manage Your Time

If you genuinely want this whole online content creation thing to work, you absolutely have to keep yourself to some sort of managed schedule. That does not mean you have to be rigid and unyielding. Life sometimes gets in the way. It is understandable. If daily and hourly time hacks give you stress, set yourself weekly goals that can be accomplished with flexibility anytime within the week. So long as you have a reasonable chance to meet your goal, it really does not matter which specific method you use.

2) Diversify Who You Write For

Sites go out of business, get bought, get sold, and change their compensation policies all of the time. It is better to get used to writing for multiple sites early on so that if one opportunity fades, you will have others to pick up the slack. There are literally hundreds of content creation sites for your to choose from out there. Try and maintain accounts for at least five different sites. For those of you who invest, it is like diversifying your stock portfolio to spread the risk around.

3) Develop a Strong Niche Presence

Mastering a certain niche is one of the best ways to get a steady pay check from online content creation. Whether you write a blog about tiki torches or create Squidoo lenses about famous musicians, having command of a niche can be a very lucrative venture. This does not mean you have to stick to one niche and write only on that subject, but you should have at least one area where you have superior competency.

4) Start a Blog

This is a great way to chronicle your freelance experiences while also providing a creative space to do whatever you want. It's true, many freelance content sites like InfoBarrel allow you to write about whatever you please, but you still take into consideration what is immediately marketable. A blog is a place to let off creative steam. Over time you will attract followers and start to establish yourself as a brand.

5) Write for Residual Income

Writing for up front payment is a great way to get some cash. Building a source of residual income is like making an investment in a savings account. Assuming the site does not go under, you will potentially be able to draw revenue from one piece of work for years. The key here is to get to a point where you have enough articles listed so that the residual income actually is something to write home about. For those who are dependent on online income for their primary income, writing for up front payment my have to monopolize most of the time available for content creation.

6) Patience is a Virtue

Do not expect success over night. Most online content creators fail because they give up on themselves and the system far too easily. It may take a year to establish yourself and get that income that will actually replace a part-time or potentially full-time job.  Especially if you only write for residual income, do not get discouraged. Keep at it and it will all pay off in the end.

7) Find Ways to Re-Charge

Writing, web building, and affiliate marketing can be very draining. If you do not find ways to re-charge your batteries you may burn out and simply not be able to make any money. When you are planning your schedule, leave time for breaks. Breaks can be spontaneous, even when you are in the middle of a project. That is the beauty of working for yourself online! You are your own boss. So long as you get all the work done that you need to for the day, nobody cares that you lounged on the coach for 45 minutes watching daytime TV. In the end, having energy and being inspired will lead to better articles and ultimately more articles over time.

8) Track Your Earnings

Do not turn yourself into an e-slave. Track the volume of visitors, your page views, and your hourly compensation from each site you work for. Set up a Google Analytics account for this purpose. Early on, don't expect the hourly compensation to be great for any site you create content for. You are building the building blocks for future success. But if after months of work you are still seeing pitiful returns, try a different medium.

9) Experiment With New Money Making Opportunities

The world of earning money online is constantly changing because the internet is on the forefront of economic development. New ideas are being hatched virtually every day. More and more people will be turning to the internet - both within the United States and globally - in search of quality content. Do not get attached to one way of earning money. As many former eHow writers can attest to, the game changes and you either adapt or lose out. Google will always be changing search algorithms and social media will be constantly evolving. Get used to it and learn to find the new opportunities as soon as they come to market.

10) Learn Something New Every Day

Always be pushing yourself to learn something new every day. Whether it is about SEO (search engine optimization) or niche site building or affiliate marketing. The more skills you have in your tool box, the better prepared you will be to take advantage of the new opportunities that come along (referenced in #9). Never assume that you have the perfect formula and do not settle for anything. The sky is the limit when it comes to online wealth creation. Write, design, and sell your way to success any way you can.