Your bedroom is your haven.  Whether you’ve had a good day or a bad day, your room is always waiting for your arrival.  Yet, sometimes, in the midst of our daily tasks, we neglect our rooms, and they become messy and unattractive.  Here are ten easy ways that you can revamp your bedroom:

1. Clean out your drawers -- How many clothes do you have that you don’t need or can’t use anymore? Probably more than you think.  Not only will cleaning out your drawers help you get rid of clutter, but you can also do your good deed for the month, by donating them to Goodwill, so that people in need can put them to use.

2. Clean out your closet -- Sticking with the cleaning theme, here, cleaning out your closet is a great way to begin revamping your bedroom.  Your closet is supposed to be for your clothes, but, so often, the most random things wind up in there, and the more that piles up, the more stressful cleaning becomes.  Just do it.  You’ll be happy you did, and your room will be the better for it.

3. Change your doorknobs -- A cheap, subtle, and easy way to make your bedroom look nicer is simply replacing your boring brass doorknobs with something more interesting and fun to look at. 

4. Decorate your bed -- Your bed isn’t just what you sleep in -- it’s the centerpiece of your bedroom. Buy some decorative pillows. Add some fun sheets or blankets.  There are lots of things you can do.

5. Fix your lighting -- Looking at an overhead light bulb when you go to sleep can be annoying and unattractive.  It may not give sufficient light, either.  Buying a lamp or two can make your bedroom look better and feel more comfortable.

6. Buy flowers -- A simple and effective way to spruce up your bedroom is to buy flowers or plants and place them around your room. It can be a really nice touch to your bedroom.

7. Hang posters -- Have a favorite athlete, movie, or musician? What about an inspirational figure in your life? Buy posters that represent your interests and beliefs.  Not only will this make your room look better, but the posters will serve as daily reminders of the things and people you enjoy.

8. Display your photos -- Framing and displaying photos of yourself, your family and friends is a great way to revamp your bedroom and  remind you of the inspirational people in your life.

9. Add a bookcase -- Reading before you go to sleep is a great way to close out the day. Putting your bookcase in your room will not only allow you a convenient spot to reach for your favorite books before you go to sleep, but it will also add a nice item of decoration to your bedroom.

10. Get new furniture -- It doesn’t have to be expensive or glitzy to be an improvement over what you currently have. Fresh furniture in your bedroom might be the last touch in creating a snug room to come home to.