The list provided are my top ten ways to make money online.Please leave your comments at the bottom of the page. All of these methods to making money I have tried and have had great results with.


1.InfoBarrel.Yes It is true is a great way to share your knowledge and make money.On the site you  can write articles and if they are approved and get published you can make money through google Adsense,amazon affiliates,chickia and many more ways. This is a very popular way to earn money. All you have to do is write articles and then get traffic to those articles. After a while money starts coming in. If you look at my profile you will see all the articles I have on it. I earn an average of 1.00 per year on every article. Some articles get more views then others. If you write a lot of articles, then it is very easy to earn money. Getting views to your articles involves  search engine optimization . On average for every 100 views you will get 1-3 ad clicks so based on that, you can conclude that to make 100 dollars you need about 120-300 ad clicks. It all depends on your subject. If you are writing about law or taxes then you can easily get 60 cents a click, if your article is about religion or phycology then you will be lucky to earn 30 cents a click.

2.Webanswers. Webanswers is a question and answering site. Users hook up their google ad-sense accounts to the site and earn revenue when people click on their ads. On webanswers you answer questions and if the question gets awarded to you, then you earn 60% of the ad-sense revenue for that page. I consider each awarded answer on webanswers like an article. earnings on webanswers are pretty good. Like infobarrel you are earning ad-sense income so the income you get is passive meaning you earn money after you have done the work. For example I have had a webanswers account for over 2 years and I still earn revenue on questions I answered  a year ago. its the same for infobarrel where I earn money on articles I wrote a while ago. In conclusion webanswers is a great site to join it is very easy to answer questions and it has a forum like setting to the site.

3.Ebay.Ebay is a great way to earn money. All you do is post an item for sale on ebay and start and auction. Once your item sells you earn the money and ebay takes a small commission. To sell an item all you have to do is find a picture of it , write a small description of it and then set a starting price and start the auction. Most auctions are 7 days and after the 7 days are up you hope that your item sells. I have had great success on ebay. All I do is find products in my home and post them on ebay. It is very easy to earn money on ebay.

4.AffilietePrograms. affiliate programs are great ways to earn money. They consist of joining an affiliate program then marketing the product or service. Amazon affiliates is a great example of this. When you sign up for an amazon affiliate you get paid to sell amazon products. You make an ad and when a product from amazon sells through you, you earn money. On the side of this page the amazon ad bar is an example of this. If you buy a amazon product by clicking ona link in that ad bar I will earn a percentage (up to 15%) of the sale. Some popular affiliate programs are clickbank and amazon affiliates. Slicethepie is a music reviewing sites. Users on the site get paid around 10 cents to review a piece of music. On the site you must listen to at least 70 seconds of the music before you can review it and rate it. For people looking to listen to great music and get paid for doing so, then this site is for you. the minimum payout is only 10 dollars and in a matter of 3 hours you can easily reach that payout. On average users make 3-5 dollars an hour of working on the site.

6. Websites. Making a website is a great way to earn money. There are lots of types of websites to chose from. Forums and ecommerce sites are great cash generators. By owning one ecommerce site you can make a lot of money. In todays world almost anyone can start an ecommerce site. For under 100 dollars you can start a site and get hosting. With such a low overhead it is very easy to make a profit. Even blogs can make money. It is very easy to start a blog on blogger. Look at my signature to see a simple blog I made on blogger in less then 3 hours.

7.Swagbucks. Swagbucks is s site where users can make money doing a variety of things from filling our surveys to watching tv. On this site you can make money by doing over 20 things. A very popular way to make money with swagbucks is to search for things using their search engine. At random times you get paid for your searches. The search results are copycats from google and yahoo so dont worry about getting weird results.

8.Odd Jobs. Doing odd jobs is a fun way to earn money. By signing up with sites like elance and odesk you can d jobs for money. People on these sites pay for articles, forum moderators,search engine optimization experts and much more. There are a lot of jobs you can do on elance and odesk for money. Within an hour of working some people easily make 30-50 dollars. Most users though will make around 10 dollars in an hour. It all depends on your skill set.

9. Social Bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites are sites that allow users to make money from google ad-sense. Users can post bookmarks to their favorite site and then earn a percentage (usually 60-80) of the google ad-sense revenue that is generated. Social bookmarking sites are just like article writing sites in the sense that you can make money through google ad-sense.

10.Second Life. Second life is a very interesting way to earn money online. By creating a virtual avatar you can make money in second life which is a virtual world and then convert that money into actual cold hard cash.  Second life is a very cool way to make money. The whole second life world is virtual and making money involves find and working at a job. Then once you earn enough lindens(the second life currency) you can trade in the money for cash via paypal or credit card. Some people on second life earn over 50,000 linden in an hour which is equivalent to over 150 dollars. 1 dollar= about 300-400 linden.