Although we are responsible for our own happiness, when you are in a relationship, there are ways to make your woman happy. Whether she is your wife, life partner, or significant other, doing these small, yet significant things for her will make a difference.

#1 Way to Make Your Woman Happy

Be Generous with Compliments

One of the simplest things any person can do for another is to pay him or her a compliment. Whether you tell her that the meal she prepared for you was delicious or thanking her that she managed to get your mother a birthday gift she actually liked, tell her. Make it known. She cannot read your mind!

More importantly, compliment your woman on her appearance. Do not take for granted that she “knows” how you feel. Tell her you think she is beautiful. Our society places such a high value on looks, that many women need to hear that their man finds her attractive. This way to make your woman feel happy is especially true after she has a baby. The extra weight, the stretch marks, and the exhaustion of caring for a baby makes her less confident about her looks. She needs to hear that you still find her attractive.

And do not compliment her only because you want something in return. Women see through that a mile away, and it breeds resentment, not ardor.

#2 Way to Make Your Woman Happy

Appreciate Her and All That She Does

All people want to know that they are appreciated. On the job, there are performance reviews, rewards and bonuses given to employees who have gone the distance and helped improve the company’s bottom line.

Think about all that the woman in your life does for you and for others. Have you said, “I appreciate ___________.” Fill in what you appreciate her doing for you.

#3 Way to Make Your Woman Happy

Notice Changes in Her Appearance

Again, this is a very simple yet effective way to make keep your relationship happy. Did your woman change her hair color, change her hairstyle or lose ten pounds? For goodness sake, SAY SOMETHING! By saying nothing, you are ignoring her and making her feel insignificant.

#4 Way to Make Your Woman Happy

Take Care of Things Without Her Asking

Many men have blinders on when it comes to housework. They will step around the laundry basket full of clothing in front of the steps and not take it up the stairs. They will continue to pile dishes in the sink instead of emptying the dishwasher and putting the newly dirtied dishes in it.

From discussions I have had with many women, this is a top form of resentment. If something simple has to be done and it is obvious, why not just do it? Especially if your woman is in the middle of doing ten other things?

I will share a secret with you guys. Women like to brag about how much their husbands help them around the house. This is better than jewelry, which any woman can buy for herself. A man who helps around the house with chores is considered the real gem.


#5 Way to Make Your Woman Happy

Do the Chores She Hates to Do

This method of making your woman happy ties in with number four. There are always things that someone does not like to do around the house. For example, vacuuming may be something she dislikes to do. Think of yourself as a knight in shining armor as you vacuum the carpets. You’ll score big points with this one.

#6 Way to make Your Woman Happy

Clean Up After Yourself

Guys, is it really that hard to put your clothes in the hamper or wipe up the mess you made in the bathroom? If you ate a bag of chips watching the game on television, clean up the mess.

#7 Way to Make Your Woman Happy

Defend Her to Your Family

When you chose to marry your wife, you made the decision to create a life with her and step away from your family. Some mothers-in-law and sisters-in-law can be downright mean and petty. If you say nothing and let their malicious behavior continue, it will cause more harm than good to your marriage. In order to make your woman happy, put on your big boy pants and make it stop.

Having a good relationship between the women in your life will make all of you happier in the long run.

#8 Way to Make Your Woman Happy

Take Care of the Kids

If you are a father or step-father, then taking care of the kids is your responsibility, too. Moms need breaks from the kids, especially if she has been home with them all day. As tired as you may be from working outside the home for pay, your wife needs a break from mothering, which is a 24/7 job.

Make it your job to give them a bath and play a game after dinner so she can rest. Let her sleep in on Saturdays. Take the kids to a park, run some errands, whatever it is, get them out of her hair for an hour or two. If Mom does not have time to recharge her batteries, she will not have energy for you once the kids are in bed.

#9 Way to Make Your Woman Happy

Make Plans to Be With Her

Many women get tired of being the head of the social committee, as it is just one more thing on her never-ending “to do” list. For once, you call the babysitter, you make the reservations. Be in charge of buying the movie tickets in advance or calling up friends to get together. It will go a long way in making her happy.

#10 Way to Make Your Woman Happy

Surprise Her

While doing any of the first nine things on this list may surprise her, one way to make your woman happy is to do something out of the ordinary for no reason. Flowers are expected on anniversaries or birthdays, they are not at other times. Bring a bouquet home “just because”.

Godiva ChocolateCredit: Amazon.comIf she like Starbucks’ Frappachino’s, then go out and bring one home, just because you thought she might like one. Did her favorite band come out with a new CD? Go to the store and buy it. Does she love chocolate? Buy her a box of her favorite kind.

Most of these top ten ways to make your woman happy do not cost money. They only cost a little bit of time and thought, and that means more to a woman than anything else.