Indoor Climate LogoCredit: DanfossMany homeowners these days are trying to keep their homes have a warmer indoor climate during winter season. Yet, the energy bills may tend to increase which they want to avoid. So, they look for alternatives to make homes remain warmer even if the outdoor or environment climate is beyond the average temperature without spending too much money paying utility bills. This is probably the tough situation you are facing now. Do you want to know the better ways to have an indoor climate? Do you like to save money even if you keep a good indoor climate at home? Then this interesting and helpful article is for you. Read along and learn something from the information discussed below.


Listed here are ten ways to have and maintain a better indoor climate (Do you know that the Dutch term is Verbeter uw binnenklimaat). These ways would be divided into two sections. The first section refers to methods that refer to the use of device and supplies, while the other section entails practical ideas on how to keep yourself and your house warm.


1. Install Programmable Thermostat


Homes that have heating devices rely much in using room thermostats to keep the temperature warmer even during the coldest season. So to save energy, you program your thermostat into the desired temperature. Since you have the control on what temperature to set, you better choose a degree that will not cost too much energy bills. A degree of temperature that is sufficient to give you a warmer indoor climate would be a good choice.

2. Update Weatherstripping


Door and windows contribute in keeping the house warmer. If you have weatherstripping on each of your door and window, you ensure to update it from time to time. If there is none at all, it is time to have them weatherstripped.  Furthermore, your windows must also help in saving energy. There are windows you can install that can cut down expenses of energy bills. You might like to replace your windows and look for something that can reduce energy.


3. Use Natural Insulators


One the cheapest ways to gain warm indoor climate without spending too much one energy bills is to use natural insulators. These insulators include thick comforters, mattress pads and fleece sheets. Each of these things can give warm during bedtime. So instead of turning on your heater to a warmer degree, you would turn down more temperature levels to save energy. Besides, these insulators are enough to keep you warm while sleeping.


4. Mount Thick, Darker Curtains


Cover your windows with curtains that are thicker and darker. This is another inexpensive way to provide a warmer indoor climate in your home.


5. Add Layers to Your Clothing

Aside from the windows, you also need to cover up yourself with more layers of clothes. You can keep your body warmer by dressing more clothes and thicker coats. Choose clothes that are warm like those knitted ones. If possible, avoid wearing thin clothes.


6. Cover Your Head and Feet


It would be also helpful if you wear a hat on your head and socks on your feet. You are able to generate a warmer feel if you have these accessories on even if your heater is down to a very low degree.


7. Wear a Scarf and Gloves


You are encouraged to wear a scarf on your neck and a pair of gloves for your hands. Some people tend to forge practicing this method. It is also an effective way to invite a warmer temperature in your body.


8. Exercise Regularly


Make it a habit to do some indoor exercises to keep your body warm. You do not necessarily rely on getting warm indoor climate from your thermostat or heating device. You must work on something else too aside from that so you ensure to have time exercising.


9. Drink Coffee and Tea


Feel a warmer climate within your body by drinking a cup of coffee or tea.


10. Avoid Eating Ice Cream and Drinking Cold Beverages


It is winter time so do not include ice cream and cold beverages in your daily routine. Instead, you select food or drinks that can help you feel warm.