London is one of the best capital cities in Europe with a lively culture and fantastic amount of history and world famous sites to visit. Here we look at the ten best the capital has to offer.

10. Shakespeare’s globe

The globe theatre is a symbol and monument to England’s foremost literary genius and is the best venue for Shakespeare in the world. The circular theatre is a recreation of the original theatre Shakespeare’s plays were performed in and makes for a fantastic evenings or afternoon’s entertainment.

9. West End Shows

The west end is the cultural centre of London and the best place for arts and live performance. The top shows may be expensive but they are well worth it for the spectacle alone from the musicals such as the Lion King and Wicked to the comic offerings and more serious drama.

8. Westminster Cathedral

Westminster is an incredible cathedral and one of the most beautiful buildings in London. It has played host to tens of royal weddings making it incredibly important to the culture of the UK. A stunning building the cathedral still holds regular services and is a fantastic place to ssee choral music.


7. The Tate Modern

Undoubtedly the finest museum of modern art in Europe the Tate holds spectacular art displays from top UK and world artists. The highlight is undoubtedly the turbine hall where gigantic installations can really capture the imagination and the zeitgeist.

6. The London Eye

Built for the millennium the London Eye is the best way to see panoramic views of the city. The 30 minute ride provides spectacular views of the Thames, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and Westminster and is a great way to enjoy the sunset over the city on a summer’s day.

5. The Natural History Museum

Without a doubt London’s best museum thanks to its incredible displays and huge collection of Dinosaur fossils. This is an incredibly popular attraction and is completely free. The natural wildlife sections here are fantastic and this is one of the best family destinations London has to offer.

4. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is an incredible example of architecture and the pump rooms that house the drawbridge mechanism are a triumph of Victorian architecture. The bridge dominates the river view and the elevated walkways make a fantastic view point to gaze out over the city and the Thames.

3. The Tower of London

The prison of London is now one of its best attractions largely thanks to the Crown Jewels which are on display here. The tower has played home to kings and queens as well having sprawling dungeons. Now it is a great day out and a very popular tourist attraction thanks to its rich history and fantastic museums.

2. The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are one of the nation’s most iconic landmarks and one of the finest examples of English architecture. The gothic style of the design by Charles Barry is simply incredible and the buildings incredible importance to British history makes them an absolute must see.

1. Buckingham Palace

Clearly this is the biggest tourist attraction in London and understandably. The home of the reigning monarchs of England for over 400 years the palace is incredibly beautiful set at the end of a long boulevard in the middle of St. James Park. Rarely open to the public the building nevertheless attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year and is incredible to behold.


Where to stay

London has a great number of places to stay from 5 star hotels to cheap family run B&B’s. If you’re trying to keep things on a low budget then hostels are a great place to stay and a few are relatively family friendly. Hotels you can expect to pay £100 a night and upwards with cheaper options being available outside the city. For serviced apartments London has some wide offerings and these are a good way to take an extended break with a little more home comfort.