Whilst you’re going to see the number one spot coming a mile away you may be surprised to find out what else manages to eek its way into the top ten. Some of these sites you probably won’t have ever heard of but rest assured they are massive. So we present to you the ten most visited sites in the world.

10. QQ.Com

One we were previously unaware of QQ.com is China’s largest and most visited internet service portal. Runs the giant search engine SOSO and provides many of the same services as other top engines including email, instant messaging, video and more.

9. Twitter

Twitter is just huge now with millions of tweets every day. The success of the micro blogging platform is immense and it has come to dominate web 2.0 social networking with its instant quick message and networking opportunities.


8. Windows live

Microsoft’s search engine is still a huge player in the online search field being the third most popular English speaking search engine. Windows live has a whole host of features and of course one of the most popular mail services online.

7. Wikipedia

It’s great to see a not for profit organisation so high up the rankings. We all know Wikipedia – it’ most people’s go to when they don’t know well anything at all. With millions of entries and peer review Wikipedia just is the ultimate in online encyclopaedias.

6. Baidu

Baidu is the biggest and best Chinese language search engine. It provides simple and effective searching to millions of Chines people every day.

5. Blogger/BlogSpot

Blogger still manages to be the world’s largest blogging platform. The automated weblog publishing tool is the most user friendly of all blogging platforms offering search analytics, audience statistics and drag and drop blog setup. Not as versatile as others such as Word Press and Drupal its easy interface makes it hugely popular.

4. Yahoo

The second largest search portal and service provider mainly offering search results but also email and customisable searching. Whilst its market share is not comparable to Google Yahoo has remained popular with a large amount of people dissatisfied with Google’s search algorithms.

3. YouTube – Broadcast Yourself

Well we expect unless you’ve been living under a rock we’re sure you’ll have heard of YouTube by now. YouTube has literally left its competition such as daily motion dead in the water, fast becoming the largest video sharing platform in the world. Despite recent backlash against advertising on site YouTube is and is likely to remain the world’s largest video platform quite literally offering people the chance to broadcast anything and everything of themselves.

2. Facebook 

Facebook is the world’s largest and most well-known social networking site in the world. Facebook is just huge with almost 80% of the English speaking adult population on it. The site is visited every day and offers games, messaging and the opportunity to share videos and pictures and a whole lot more. Facebook’s competitor’s MySpace, Bebo etc are nowhere near as popular with twitter and linked in being the only other competitors in the top 20.

1. Google

Google –we bet you didn’t see this one coming, in fact it’s quite likely Google is how you found this page. Google is the largest social platform in the world bar none and has over half of the total search engine share in the world. Google has just grown and grown from strength to strength with Gmail, web images and video being just a few of the features Google offers.