Don't Text Your Way to Failure

The majority of us send text messages from time to time, and while there is usually no harm in contacting someone else this way, things can go wrong, and relationships can be ruined. Here are some of the top texting mistakes that can ruin relationships:

Using predictive text

Although using predictive text can be relatively easy to use, and it can also save you a lot of time, relationships have become futile and ended due to the incorrect word being entered. A young lady once accidentally wrote she was going to get pregnant, rather than ‘I’m going to get Pringles’, (A brand of crisps), this is where predictive text can cause problems.

Texting the wrong person 

We all make mistakes and call or text the wrong person, but if you mention something romantic to one person and the text was meant for another, things could just get a little bit complicated. How would you explain yourself there?

Reading your partners’ texts 

This is something a lot of us are guilty of, but if we get found out, we need to explain why we’re checking their texts. ‘Don’t you trust me?’ will often be your partners reaction, and explaining why you don’t, and perhaps that you’re just the jealous type, may ruin your relationship.

Not being honest about who you're texting

– if you decide to be sneaky and text someone you shouldn’t, you could potentially ruin your relationship if you're found out. Texting someone and talking about intimate issues you should only discuss with your better half is often seen as a form of cheating, and your partner may stop trusting you.

Asking who they are texting 

It may be tempting for you to ask your other half who they are texting. This could be seen as a trust issue, even if you simply want to join in the conversation. You should explain to your partner that you trust them and you’re just being a little nosey, as this may stop them from becoming angry with you. Make sure you do not keep asking your better half who they’re texting, as it could get quite annoying.

Sending the wrong pictures to someone 

From time to time some people take intimate pictures they only intend to share with their partner. Unfortunately some people have made the mistake of sending these pictures to a friend or family member. In these instances, things could get quite difficult and embarrassing as questions may be asked. For the most part however, if it was a genuine mistake, the situation may be forgotten about, but if your partner is feeling insecure, you risk losing them.

Discussing issues via text 

We usually don’t have any problems discussing things via text, but it does occasionally cause a few difficulties. This is because we cannot hear the tone of the other people’s voice, which means it’s easy for us to read the words in an incorrect tone. So for example Dave may say “I want you to come home”, meaning that he misses his partner, but Susan may read it as a demand, rather than a sensitive request. Stating how you feel in a text by elaborating a little more will help to get the correct message across. If you want to discuss a particularly important issue, you may find the need to email or use an instant messaging program instead. If you have fibre optic broadband you should find sending emails or instant messaging so much easier, as fibre optic broadband is pretty fast and messages should reach your partner quickly.

Getting texts from an unknown number 

I was once unfortunate enough to be in the room with a friend who received a text from an unknown number. While there was nothing unfortunate about that, her partner wanted to know who was texting and why. An argument developed and it got a bit out of hand, needless to say, they’re not together any more, but it could have been avoided if my friend’s partner realized the text was unintentionally sent to the wrong number.

Spending more time texting than talking

We’ve all seen it: A couple are out together eating in a restaurant, and one of them appears to be spending more time looking at their phone than they do at their partner. This makes me feel uncomfortable when I see it, but I imagine it can make things difficult for the relationship too. Spending more time texting indicates the receiver of the text is obviously more important than the individual they should be spending time with.

Failing to reply to texts

Ignoring texts’ from your partner can get you in quite a bit of trouble, depending on how jealous or insistent your partner is. Texts’ that are important to your partner may not be very important to you, but if your other half is taking the time to send you a text, a little reply may not hurt. If you're busy you can always mention you’re working etc. and you will get back to your better half as soon as you can. It may be important to mention that you're not always available to answer texts’ right away, but you will get in touch when you can.

There is a big issue of trust that may need to be discussed with your partner if one or both of you are feeling a little insecure about the relationship. While it may be tempting to fly off the handle and accuse your loved one of cheating via text, you should also have faith in them. Proving that you can trust your better half may make the relationship so much stronger, and that can only be a good thing.

If you do come across something you’re not happy with in a text, speak to your partner about it, chances are it’s perfectly innocent. Remember not to raise your voice, but talk things through, face to face, not via text. 

Texting Success