Italy has so many great things for people who are visiting this Great Country. It truly is amazing how many people visit Italy for the first time and fall in love with this Country. Here are the top things I love about Italy.


The food is truly amazing. If you like the Olive Garden or Johnny Carinos then you will love authentic Italian food. I like the Olive Garden and other Italian restaurants a lot but none of them compare to authentic Italian food, especially when you are eating it!



Italian Women are smart, beautiful, and amazing people, Ok, they got some heifers like we do in the States but who cares because as a whole I love the Italian Women. From a Northwestern Italy Tour to a visit to Rome, you will find beautiful women everywhere around this country.

Midget Cars


You have to love the real life mini cars. These little cars are cute, adorable, and get amazing gas mileage. As a tall dude I might look goofy riding in one around the States but in Italy I would blend right in. The midget cars of Italy are truly awesome and one of my favorite things about Italian culture.

Scooters and Mopeds


It seems like over here in the United States the culture is heavy on Harley-Davidson and other big motorcycles. I like the cruising aspect of simply “puttin’ around” on an economical scooter or moped.

Art Paintings

I like looking at art. I am far from a professional art critic and I definitely do not pretend to be. I like many types of paintings including the Card Players and dogs playing poker.  When I look at art paintings I like online many of them happen to be from Italy or related to Italy in one way or another.


The depth of history in Italy is truly astounding. Buildings from the Roman period are still standing in Rome. The amount of ruins that we can visit and see in Italy is pretty cool. I love the history of Italy and how many historical architectural ruins are still around for us to see and sometimes even touch. When you read about the great Gladiators of the Roman period you will take a new pride in them when you actually visit the Roman Coliseum and walk through it.


The markets are pretty cool. You can buy fresh fruit and freshly baked bread. Each market is different but I love the markets. Some of the coolest markets can be seen on a Best of the Northern Tour. A visit to Northern side truly something you will not ever forget.


I love Italy and I love bicycles so it only makes sense that my favorite aspect of Italian culture is the bicycles. I love watching the professional road cycling events that take place in Italy. I like watching the Italian riders during the Tour De France and the Giro D’ Italia. I also like the fact you can ride bicycles around Italy when you are on vacation and experience the towns in a unique way.