If you ever find yourself in the small town of Delaware, Ohio you may not know what to do. After living here for about four months I have exhausted almost every entertainment solution and can share the very top things to do in Delaware, Ohio. It doesn't take a lot of money to have a good time in this beautiful historic town and before you know it you may be wanting to move here and be my neighbor.

The Strand Theater

This historic theater was established in 1916 and is still in service. A beautiful theater downtown one can catch a new flick for only $6. Owned by Ohio Wesleyan University the theater offers three unique screens and cheap snacks and popcorn. My husband and I love catching late night films in this cozy, historic movie palace. If you're short on cash show up before 6pm for a $4 matinee.

                                 Strand TheaterCredit: http://www.thestrandtheatre.net/history.htm

Beehive Bookstore

A quaint bookstore that's independently owned and supported by locals? I'm there! Come enjoy Beehive Bookstore which is a wonderful bookstore downtown Delaware. You can enjoy a latte and catch up on your latest blog entry with free wi-fi. The prices are commonplace for an independent bookstore and you can order any book imaginable within two or three days to the store.


Beehive Bookstore Delaware OhioCredit: http://beehiveat25.com/

The Bare Bowl

The Bare Bowl is great for artists of all ages. For $15 to $60 you can paint your own pottery at this family friendly art studio. From holiday inspired mugs to simple one-pigment plates you can paint anything your heart desires. After leaving your mouthpiece, The Bare Bowl fires it in a kiln and you pick it up about a week later.


This hip urban-inspired restaurant will leave you a fan and dedicated diner. Famous for their array of menu items including huge hamburgers and made to order dishes, Nova offers style akin to those in big name cities such as Chicago. Industrial exposed brick, new age lighting, and fun movie chairs create an engaging atmosphere. My all time favorite dish includes caramelized onions, homemade mashed potatoes, and stuffed chicken breast with artichoke cream sauce. At $10 to $15 per entree this is a hot spot for the small town of Delaware.

Delaware State Park & Alum Creek State Park

Both state parks offer great amenities and are in Delaware. Delaware State Park offers camping both tent and RV, cottages, swimming, hiking, fishing and boating. Cabins at Alum Creek State Park rent for about $75 a night depending on the season and are furnished with futon beds, tables and chairs, and ceiling fans. Alum Creek offers some of the same amenities as Delaware State Park including swimming, boating, and picnicking. I remember coming to Delaware State Park as a kid and loving the seasonal events such as Christmas in July and their annual Halloween celebration. Whether you're wanting to do some fishing or just sit by the campfire both state parks offer many fun things to do to create lasting memories. 

tents delaware state parkCredit: pakorn


The Mean Bean

Last but not least is the downtown coffee shop called the Mean Bean. A staple hang out, this locally owned coffee shop offers great Americanos and even better chicken salad sandwiches. With rotating art and free wi-fi it's not uncommon to find many Ohio Wesleyan University students studying for finals here or locals catching up on Delaware gossip. For about $4 you can buy any drink on the menu and can enjoy free wi-fi while watching the hustle and bustle of this little town out the store-long windows.