Most kids go on a gap year after school, hitting some big city in another land. I did the same, but couldn't wait to come back from the hustle and bustle of madness, glum-minded human beings who seemed to be going nowhere. I couldn't wait to come back to Cape Town, or the Mother City as it is affectionately known and head down to one of our beaches or take my bike up the mountain or simply sit outside in our laid back African pace.

I know many Capetonians (people from Cape Town) were slightly anxious at the the thought of having hoards of foreigners invading their city as the FIFA World Cup approached in 2010. People from this part of the world are rather laid back in their way of thinking. A response of, "Just now", means I may get it done in a few minutes, but in reality, it probably won't get done.  However, South Africans welcomed brothers and sisters around the world with a deadline and a fantastic event.


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Top walks in Cape Town

 Cape Town is a beautiful spot for walking. There are mountain paths, tracks, forests and beaches. A book can be written about all of the walks one can do here. Here are just a few of the ones that families and friends like to go on. There are some for the not so fit, and those for the superfit.

Lions Head

This walk is very popular, especially in the summer when the moon is full you can start climbing before the sun sets. After you have had sundowners on top of the mountain or a little picnick, you will easily be able to find your way down. In fact, you can basically see every rock in front of you as you are guided by the moon. This is not a strenuous climb and many kids love going up here. The last part involves climbing up chains, but an alternative route is available if you suffer from a fear of heights.

Keysers River Path

A trail that accommodates cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians. Dogs are also allowed in these parts if they are on leashes. It follows a path in the forest which is tranquil and peaceful.

Newlands Forest

This is another trail in a well-known forest in Cape Town. You have the option of choosing the longer route which lasts up to 2 hours or a shorter route which can last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. The terrain is mostly flat and the surroundings are beautiful. There is a little stream as you will find further up on your walk, and this is great for little people.


Silvermine is one South Africa’s National parks. A separate route accommodates mountain bikers. The length in the hiking routes lasts between 1.5 hours and 4 hours. Local Flora and Fauna are a large feature of the park. 900 species of different fynbos have been recorded in the region. Tortoise, porcupine, lynx, baboon and grysbok have also been recorded in the area. Bird lovers will also feel at home here.

Table Mountain

Probably the most popular climbs, but also the most strenuous, so keep this in consideration, if you are feeling a little worn out. Table mountain is a beautiful sight, and people come from all over the globe to see this beautiful mountain. Don't worry about the climb, because the cable car has been providing people some assistance in that department.


Muizenberg to Fish Hoek along the beach

This is a great coastal stroll along the beach. It is about 6km and there is no gradient. It would be best to pick a day when the tide is low. At high tide there are times when the waves can give you a shower. There are quaint coffee shops and pubs to stop off on the way and you can catch the train on the way back.