So you are finally moving to the big City! You may have rapidly learned that apartment rental costs are much higher in the Big City. In order to save money you may choose to live in a “bad neighborhood” because rent is so much cheaper. Here are some of the top things you will learn about the City and life in general when you move into the Ghetto. When I say Ghetto don’t think that this is simply a poor neighborhood loaded with black people because this is far from true. In poor neighborhoods you can find mixtures of all races. Although some poor areas of the City may be predominately inhabited by African Americans, you will also be able to find neighborhoods that are predominately white yet are still super bad neighborhoods to live in.

Cashing Paychecks

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In the Ghetto most people cash their checks at a place other than a bank. Some people may cash their checks at Wal-Mart and others will use a payday/check cashing loan type business to cash their checks. When you move to the Ghetto you will rapidly learn which place has the best rates with the least amount of hassle to cash any paychecks you receive.

Food Stamps

In nicer areas it may be considered Faux Pas or even taboo to accept food stamps. In poor neighborhoods not only do the people talk about getting food stamps they will also discuss how much they get.  If you have never got food stamps before and are new to the ‘hood then you can learn the fastest way to get qualified for food stamps.

Front Porches

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In nicer neighborhoods you will often see front porches that are kept extremely clean and clear of clutter. In poorer neighborhoods the front porch is often a place for people to sit outside in chairs, specialize with each other and gossip, and to see what is happening in the neighborhood. You also see people lifting weights on their front porch. If you have never properly utilized your front porch then feel free to do it now that you have moved into the neighborhood.

Day Labor

People in the poor neighborhoods often know of all the day labor places in the area. They can offer you advice about the best ones to work for, which day labor companies that pay daily, and which ones often have work on a regular basis.

Bus Routes

In big cities, especially in poor neighborhoods, cars are not as common. If you move to a new City into a poor neighborhood then you can pick up a bus schedule to carry with you, but the locals in your new ghetto neighborhood can give you tips and advice about traveling by bus and also be able to tell you the fastest route to take to a give destination.

Bail Bonds

Getting arrested and bailed out is much more common in poor neighborhoods with a higher crime rate. If you ever need a bail bondsman then your ne neighbors can often point you in the direction of the best bail bonds company to use.


Entry level jobs such as a cashier at the 7-11 convenience stores can often be easier to get in bad neighborhoods. You may have moved from an area where everybody and their dog is a high school graduate but when you move to a poor neighborhood in a large City you may find that a higher percentage of the people do not have a basic high school diploma. If you can do basic math, have a good work ethic with good job references, then you may get hired on the spot at a local convenience store inside of the bad neighborhood.

Color Coordinating

In the small town you moved from you could wear practically any color you wanted to but when you move to a poor neighborhood there may be 1 or more gangs in the area. Your new neighbors can advise you on what colors to avoid wearing. If you live in a neighborhood with the Blood gangs are active then you may want to shy away from both red and blue hues. Red is the color of the bloods and you do not want to be mistaken as a blood from a rival Crip gang member. You also do not want to be sporting blue because you live in a neighborhood controlled by the Bloods and you do not want to be mistaken for a Crip or a Crip supporter by wearing blue.

Bars on Windows

In bad neighborhoods having bars on your windows is as common as having a stove and refrigerator in your home. If you are looking to move into a neighborhood and see bars on the windows of most if not all of the homes in the area then you know that this neighborhood will have a much higher crime rate then the community you moved from.


As an outsider who is not use to graffiti you will simply see a bunch of spray painted surfaces. In reality graffiti has a story. Your new neighbors can teach you what the graffiti means, if it is gang related, and if it is gang related graffiti then they can show you what it means. You will want to watch and pay attention when being taught about graffiti in the area because you can often tell when a gang war is about to break out simply from looking at graffiti. If you read graffiti that shows rival gangs are potentially going to war then you may want to stay inside for awhile and not lift weights on your front porch until the potential threat of danger is eliminated or at least lowered to a more acceptable level.



If you are HouseCredit: into a poor neighborhood you will have to adjust many of your habits; however if you give it a good try and attempt to truly adapt to your surroundings then you will meet some wonderful people and the experience will give you an entirely new outlook on a segment of the population that you had not been very familiar with before you moved to the ‘hood.