Serbia is a charming country that is becoming increasingly popular travel destination because it offers incredible amout of things to see and do considering the size of the country. Serbia is best known for its lively nightlife, numerous beautiful medieval churches and monasteries, magnificent fortresses and many important ancient archaeological sites which are a must-see if visiting the country.


Gamzigrad is the most famous ancient site in Serbia and has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007. The archaeological site near the city of Zaječar in eastern Serbia encompasses a complex of ancient Roman palaces and temples from the 4th century. It was built by Roman Emperor Galerius who was born near the site and named it Felix Romuliana after his mother Romula.

Ruins of Sirmium in Sremska Mitrovica

The city of Sremska Mitrovica (located in the Serbian province of Vojvodina) is the site of the ancient Roman city of Sirmium. The city of Sirmium was an important city and became one of the four capital cities of the Roman Empire after the establishment of tetrarchy in year 293. The ruins of Sirmium which include the remains of hippodrome, public baths, necropolis and several ancient Roman villas are found all over the city and were added to the Archaeological Sites of Exceptional Importance by the Serbian government in 1990.

Vinča (Tell)

Vinča is a small village about 13 kilometers (8 miles) east of Belgrade at the confluence of the Bolečica river into the Danube. The village is famous for the prehistoric archaeological site Vinča Belo Brdo where was discovered one of the largest and most important Neolithic Tell-settlements in Eastern Europe. The Vinča culture which flourished between 6th and 3rd millennium BC along the course of Danube in modern-day Serbia and other countries along the course of the Danube in the Balkans and Hungary was named after the village of Vinča. The archaeological site of Vinča is open all year long for organized visits.


Serbia is a great place to visit. The country is famous for numerous beautiful churches and monasteries, impressive medieval fortress and many important ancient sites. Gamzigrad, ruins of Sirmium in Sremska Mitrovica and Vinča (Tell) are the top three ancient sites in Serbia and are worth visiting.