Article content sites are a wonderful place for a number of writers to earn an income. The income earned from revenue sharing sites is wonderful for a number of reasons.

  • Newbie writers that are searching for a way to showcase their work can benefit a lot from revenue sharing sites. It’s a great place to show online what you are capable of.
  • Revenue sharing article sites are a vast wealth of revenue for months and years to come. You can continually earn from the same article time and time again.
  • The more you write the better writer you will become. A platform to publish your work and receive feedback is excellent to sharpen a writer’s skill.
  • Back links can be built from revenue sharing sites. You can create back links to and from different articles as well as different sites. This can increase your search engine optimization while increasing your revenue while you monetize each article you create

These are a few of the different benefits that you can see from revenue sharing article content sites. There are literally hundreds of different sites on the web that you can join as a writer. However, not all revenue sharing sites are created alike. Some are certainly better than others. These are the top four revenue sharing sites found on the internet today.


Hubpages is a wonderful site full opportunities for a writer to earn with their content. This is a content authority site that is ranked extremely well with Google. Therefore, any back links that you receive from or to articles published on this site will definitely earn you some link juice.

Hubpages has revenue sharing available for eBay, Amazon, Kontera, Hubpages advertising and AdSense. Therefore, you can earn over and over from different resources. You will gain revenue from page views with Kontera and AdSense as well as earning when readers buy from eBay and Amazon. Members have millions of page views on this site. Your earnings are extremely high compared to other content revenue sites. Members earn $5 for every 1000 page views with AdSense. Revenue sharing for advertisers is 80%. You can use your articles to earn for months and years to come. You also earn from referrals. AdSense payout threshold is $50. Hupages is one of the best revenue sites online today.

Drawback=Hubpages was one of the authority content sites that was cleaned up with the new Google Algorithm and they have extremely high standards when it comes to publication articles. Many writers that belonged to the Hub for years found many of their articles removed from the site that were less than par. Therefore, if you would like to join this particular article content site have your best work to offer.

There is a drawback with the search engines when it comes to HubPages. You are ranked as a writer on the site. There are hundreds of great authors and ranking high is extremely difficult. Only writers with a score of 80 or more have their articles displayed with search engines. Author ranked depends on the number of other authors that follow you, your participation with other writer’s content, comments, answering questions and participation with their forums. You must be actively involved with the site continually to rank high.

You must have an AdSense account to earn. Regardless of the drawbacks Hubpages is one of the best online revenue sharing sites today.


Triond is a great content site with an extremely large writing community and delivers AdSense revenue sharing. Triond delivers an opportunity to have writers see their content published on more than one site. Your articles are published on more than 10 different sites. Publication is immediate and you can write for any type of niche you want. The content site will match your article with the correct website for publication.

You don’t need to take part with forums and other community activities to make your pages or articles rank higher or lower within the Triond writing community. There are thousands of different writers to network with. There is no minimum word count for Triond articles. You can also earn from referral other authors to the site. Triond is one of the best online revenue sharing sites today.

If you don’t have Google AdSense you can still receive payment from Triond. You can receive a flat rate per 1000 page views. The more page views you have the better. Payment is sent by more than one method. For writers without a PayPal account payment can be delivered via Western Union or check.

Drawback=pop up ads and other advertising will display constantly and can turn off or away a lot of readers that would be interested in your content and that you can receive more than one read per view with your back links. If a reader won’t read your content because of the advertisements they won’t have the opportunity to click on your links. The pay rate is close to $1 for every 1000 views. The ad revenue sharing is lower than Hubpages and several other sites.

There is no forum for asking and answering questions as well as networking with other writers. Although you can send messages back and forth a forum is excellent for general questions and issues that affect writers as a whole.

Best Reviewer-

This is a writing site that pays 100% of your AdSense revenue. That is correct, 100%. How they do this is they will display 3 ads per article. They earn the revenue from 2 of the 3 and you earn from 1 of the 3 at 100%. The 100% AdSense sharing makes Best Reviewer one of the best online revenue sharing sites on the web today.

Best Reviewer is easy to join as well as give your content. You can write on any subject and the format is the Best of List. Your list must be at least 10 items. For an example, you can send an article with the Best 10 Places to Eat Seafood in Denver Colorado. The Best 12 Mattresses for Back Aches, The Best 11 Celebrity Hairdos for 2011. You can send as many articles as you would like to over and over again. You can also earn from referrals.

Drawback=if you don’t have the knack to write in the format of lists you will not earn enough for Best Reviewer to make it worth your time. Ranking high in search engines is extremely important to earn here. You need to get this type of traffic to earn on your 100% AdSense sharing. Since you are earning everything on this one ad you need as many page views as possible and need ad impressions (ad impressions are readers clicking on ads)

You must have an AdSense account to earn.


 A wonderful article content site with thousands of extraordinary authors. This site is extremely similar to Hubpages. It offers you the opportunity to earn from several different sources. You can earn from Chitika, Amazon and AdSense. The revenue sharing is at 75%. Ads are displayed at nearly 75% of the time. Infobarrel is one of the best revenue sharing sites online today.

Drawback=you don’t earn from page views, only from page impressions. Page impressions are readers actually clicking on your ads. The AdSense payout is $100. Getting enough impressions to get the $100 payout can be difficult.

These are positively the best online revenue sharing sites today. If you are interested in joining these sites, please take a moment and join me through my links.