San Diego
Beaches: From the rides and games at Belmont Park in Mission Beach to the quiet surf spots of Encinitas and Leucadia, San Diego has beaches to please everyone. The beautiful sand, clear skies, and light breeze make a day at the beach more relaxing than anywhere else in the country. As long as you bring your sunscreen, you will want to stay out there all day.

Parks & Attractions: SeaWorld, The San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park are among the top tourist destinations in the entire country. SeaWorld San Diego has some of the best water shows in the country, and the Wild Animal Park is the only place you can take a Wild Animal Safari in the country. The San Diego Zoo is widely known as the birthplace of the first panda in captivity and strives to protect and save endangered species. Reserve yourself a beach rental in San Diego and you'll be able to enjoy all that San Diego has to offer.

San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge: This widely known symbol for San Francisco, and often of California in general, is as awe-inspiring as you might imagine. The longest suspension bridge ever built at its inception has been surpassed by half a dozen others, but still remains a more powerful symbol than any of the rest. It spans across the San Francisco Bay at the opening to the Pacific Ocean.

Napa Valley: This wine country provides the most intense oenological adventure you could ever imagine. The Valley has a wide variety of producers and vineyards, with culinary creations to match. From world-renowned restaurants to breathtaking scenery, Napa Valley has something to awaken all of your senses.

Los Angeles
Venice Beach: Everything from energetic street performers to overzealous tourists can be found on the strip along Venice Beach. Whether you want to absorb some rays on the beach or watch the locals do their best, you will not regret taking time to visit this well-known hot spot.

Hollywood: What trip to California is complete without visiting the place that molded some of the most famous actors, authors, models and singers in the world? From the handprints at Mann's Chinese Theater to the celebrity sightings at Mel's Diner on Sunset Boulevard, even the most seasoned travelers will feel like giddy childlike tourists the second they glimpse the famous Hollywood sign.