There have been thousands of car accidents that had burdened families and victims who were left with permanent injuries that changed their way of living.

Many say that there is no way of preventing these accidents. However, there are ways in which one can minimize their risk from being injured in car accidents. One of them is to know the top three causes of tragic accidents that have occurred in the Los Angeles region.

Driver Behavior

A driver's behavior plays a key role in the possibility of being involved in an accident. A negligent driver is, of course, more likely to hurt himself, his passengers, as well as other motorists on the road than a careful driver.

Keep in mind that a sleep-deprived driver is as dangerous as an intoxicated one as their good judgment is impaired and they are likely to fall asleep while driving.

As a consequence to his actions, he will be held accountable for all the damages and losses, economic and non-economic, that his victims have incurred. The amount of compensation and liability that he would shoulder will certainly cause monetary problems and possible imprisonment.

To avoid the liability that a negligent driver may shoulder, it is important to get enough rest and be sober before driving.

Road Condition

Accidents have been caused by poor lighting and road maintenance, lack of traffic signs and warnings, as well as slippery road caused by the sudden change of weather.

It is the motorist's responsibility to observe the road condition and drive with caution especially in unfamiliar areas with poor lighting. However, it is the government's accountability to maintain good road conditions and to put up signage to warn motorists of an upcoming road condition or reconstruction.

Vehicle Condition

Owners and drivers must make sure that their vehicles are in good running condition before making long-distance trips. There have been accidents caused by tire failure, tread separation, and even disabled vehicles on the road.

But, there are cases when a vehicle's defect is to blame. Here, the manufacturer and distributor can be sued if the victim can prove that they were made aware of the possible danger but yet, they failed to inform their consumers about it.

Victims of a defective vehicle or a negligent driver should find a Los Angeles accident attorney who can assist them in recovering compensation for the damages sustained in the accident. If you are not injured or sustained very minimal property damage, you are still entitled to receive nominal damages from the liable party.