Wrongful death claims usually arise from fatal accidents caused by the negligence of a person or a company. These accidents can be further avoided by identifying its top three possible causes.

Vehicular accidents

Road mishaps are the leading cause of accidental deaths nationwide. They can be caused by the motorist's negligence or a defect in the vehicle or its components.

Drivers are responsible for their actions on the road. Each traffic violation that they commit can be cited as a probable cause of an accident, so, it is important to abide by all traffic laws and never drive while drunk or use gadgets and phones while driving.

Manufacturers and distributors of vehicles are also accountable for every product they sell. They must make sure that their customers will be satisfied with its performance and they won't malfunction and cause road accidents.

Aside from defective vehicles and negligent drivers, these accidents can also be caused by debris left on the road or a hazardous road condition and structure that endangers motorists. In these cases, the government responsible in maintaining the safety of public places will be held liable.

Fall Accidents

Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents resulting to injuries are common. However, there are accidents that are serious enough that they result to fatal injuries.

Fall accidents are usually caused by path obstructions and hazardous conditions of premises. Owners of private properties where a fatal fall accident has occurred will be held liable if it is proven that he is aware of the hazardous condition but still failed to observe preventive measures.

The local government is liable for fall accidents in public places. They must maintain the safe condition of roads and sidewalks to prevent these accidents that can also result to fractured bones, broken hip, and other similar injuries of a pedestrian.


There must be lifeguards who are capable of saving drowning victims in private and public resorts as well as in public pools.

Administrators of these resorts and water parks must make sure that they hire trained and certified lifeguards who will keep swimmers safe. Also, there must be floaters and other rescue paraphernalia to aid drowning and inexperienced swimmers.

Assisting Victims

Each one of us is vulnerable to these possibly fatal accidents resulting from negligence. If you are planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit, consult with a Los Angeles Injury Attorney who will represent and assist you.