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In How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?  Jane Yolen has created wonderful rhyming text with bigger than life dinosaurs illustrated by Mark Teague.  As the parents try to put their children to bed the children imagine themselves as different dinosaurs, refusing their bedtime.  Eventually the dinosaurs go to bed, give a kiss good night, and turn off the light.

Along the way Mark Teague cleverly puts the name of each dinosaur somewhere in the illustration which young readers enjoy tring to find.  The dinosaurs pictured are correctly detailed, as some dinosaur fans may be quick to check.  As the text suggests, the characters are put into many funny situations, some of them familiar to the audience. 

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague is published by Sky Press in 2000. 

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Dinosaur Train, written and illustrated by John Steven Gurney, is a story of a boy named Jesse who takes a ride on a train run by a giant purple dinosaur engineer.  The train is full of dinosuars, in every shape and size, reading the paper, eating dinner and peering out the windows.  When the train passes an exploding volcano all of the passangers get on one side of the train and it tips over.  Jesse helps the dinosaurs solve the problem and gets to ride up front, with the T-Rex engineer. 

Gurney's book takes the readers on an adventure combining two much loved childhood subjects.  His text is spare, letting the readers fully engage in the vivid illustrations and interpreting parts of the story themselves.  This enhances the book and provides additional meaning for young readers who appreciate the brightly colored characters and their funny facial expressions.  Dinosaur Train is a book kids can really call their own.

John Steven Gurney wrote and illustrated Dinosaur Train and Haper Collins published the book in 2002.

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When read out loud Dinosaurupus sound like lyrics to a song.  Tony Mitton wrote the story of dinosuars coming together to have a party and the beat of the words illustrate that mood.  Many dinosaurs come to the party, highlighted by the arrival of (who else?) T-Rex.  The illustrations by Guy Parker-Rees are bold, completed with vivid colors.  The dinosaurs frolic across the pages, keeping time with Mitton's lively words.  Young readers will delight in the text, finding it easy to memorize.

Dinoraurupus by Tony Mitton and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees was published in 2002 by Orchard Books, an imprint of Scholastic Inc..

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