3 Free Dating Website Reviews

The Best Options For Online Dating

In this article I will discuss three different options for free online dating.  Due to the challenges and busy lifestyles of today's men and women it is becoming harder to find a good date or relationship.  The use of smart-phones, laptops, and other mobile devices have made things a lot easier for singles to meet others via social networking.

The three dating sites that I will go over are Match, okcupid, and POF (Plenty of Fish).  I will discuss the overall interface and usability, quality of profiles, and what they offer that's different.



Let's first start with okcupid

okcupid.com-free-dating-siteCredit: okcupid.com


I think that the interface of okcupid has the best interface of the three free dating websites.  It is very intuitive and easy to use for first time users.  There is a simple three column layout of the website, with quick links on the menu to things such as: Matches, Messages, Visitors, Crazy Blind Date (New feature used to find blind dates of people in your area), and a Quickmatch button to quickly find matches for singles in your area, or wherever you want to look.  okcupid uses a color scheme of blues and pinks, I guess it gives of a boy and girl kind of feel.

I don't feel overwhelmed when viewing the pages of profiles on the site.  The links are easy to find and are nice to look at.


Qualities of Profiles:

The profiles on okcupid seem to be filled with a good mix of singles ranging from different ages.  I'd say that the ideal age range would be 20 - 34.  The profiles are not only U.S. based but are located in various countries throughout the world, ranging from: Philippines, Germany, France, Japan, Brazil, Canada, and Korea.

There seems to be a great deal of profiles with photos as well, with an upload average of about 3-4 on most profiles.  There are some customization options on the search feature like: religion, height, location, and ethnicity.


Special Feature: 

I think the strongest feature okcupid has to offer, as opposed to other free online dating websites is their instant messenger.  The instant messenger is of better quality than others, and has an offline message feature that send the message to the person's inbox if they are away.



Now on to Plenty of Fish or POF

pof.com-free-online-datingCredit: pof.com

This website seems to have been around the longest out of the three, and possibly has the most about of profiles available.


PlentyofFish.com has less of an visual appeal to it than okcupid but it is still pretty easy to follow. Because the page is mainly white, there are some pages that seem to be cluttered with text and advertisements.  POF has a main menu bar up top where you can access things like: your inbox, search for matches/view profiles, and see what other users are online.


I think that the search filter is one of its stronger if not best feature.  POF has a basic and advanced search option, in addition to a username search as well.  To give you an idea of how detailed the advance search filter goes, you can break it down to things like: Maximum and Minimum height, Hair Color, Eye Color, Pets, Zodiac Signs, and Smokes.  This advanced search feature is it's strongest interface feature, and does not require an upgrade like okcupid to access all of the search options.


Quality of Profiles

I think that POF has the most amount of trolls (fake profiles or people with bad intentions).  I also notice there to be more profiles without an image.  Because of the age of the website, it has a broader range of ages for users than okcupid.  The people you can search for are not limited to the United States, there are over 80 countries available to search from.  The descriptions of the profiles generally have a lists of interests, about me section, and an option to describe an ideal first date.


Special Feature

The special feature that POF offers is their Chemistry Test.  The Chemistry Test on POF is an option

to help you build your relationship prediction through your matches by testing you on areas such as: Self-Confidence, Family Orientation, Self-Control, Social Dependency/Openness, and Easygoingness.  This personality test will allow you to compare your personality with the personalities of your matches.



Now let's check out Match.com

match.com-free-online-datingCredit: match.com


The layout of this website is pretty good, although it seems to be even more busier than the other two.

The glossy buttons, three column layout, and drop-down menus make for an easy functionality within the site. The left column menu feature shortcuts for your account like: emails, winks, and profile views.  The right side menu has a list of shortcuts available for searching different profiles.  The main menu is located up top.

Overall everything is easy to use, but there are a lot more buttons on display that the other two.


Quality of Profiles

The profiles here seem to be the best quality, and by best quality, I mean that there seems to be fewer fake profiles. Part of this reason may be because you need to subscribe in order to send a message to anyone.  The profiles have the typical questions like: about me, interest, education, and physical appearance.  The age range here seems to be in the middle of POF and okcupid.


Special Feature

One of the features available for

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 is the Talk & Text feature.  This feature allows you to have a alternate way of communicating beside messaging via the site, and you won't have to give up your phone number or skype to someone if you want to talk to them and hear their voice.


Overall all three of these sites have their strengths and weaknesses, but for now, I think the winner is okcupid.  Feel free to test them out for yourself and see which one works best for you.

okcupid.com-free-dating-siteCredit: okcupid.com


pof.com-free-online-datingCredit: pof.com