Providing fun and good times to their customers is what amusement parks are known for. However, the industry of theme and amusement parks has dealt with tragedies suffered by their patrons because of defective rides and poor maintenance of the parks.

Los Angeles is a region where some of these unfortunate accidents have occurred. Many of these victims have successfully gained compensation with the help of Los Angeles accident attorneys who were able to prove that the park administrator has been negligent in securing the safety of their workers and customers.

The negligence of these administrators has led to serious accidents that have resulted to fatalities of their patrons who went to their establishment to have fun and enjoy. Here are the top three injuries that amusement park goers must be cautious about.

  • Head injuries. Aside from slipping and tripping, they can also be caused by the ride's poor design and defective restraints. In some cases, these injuries are sustained by guests who hit their heads on low ceiling which they should have been made aware of.
  • Whiplash and abdominal injuries. Some rides require the guests to wear shoulder restraints and seatbelts for them to stay in their seats. However, there are instances when these restraints inflict whiplash and abdominal injuries because of its poor design and quality.
  • Drowning. All water parks should be with floaters which inexperienced swimmers can use. Also, indicators of how deep the water is should be posted in areas where swimmers will easily notice them.

Guests must also understand that not all of these accidents are caused by the negligence of the park owners and administrators. There have been reported accidents that could have been prevented had the guest followed the safety reminders posted within the park.

These guidelines would include:

  • The health condition, age, height, and weight of the guests who can use the ride
  • Proper body position when using the ride
  • Proper use of entry and exit gates before and after using the ride

Guests must always consult with these safety reminders or the ride operator to make sure that it is safe for them to use the ride. However, if you believe that the accident is caused by the negligence of the administrator or the faulty design of the restraints or the ride itself, then, it would be best to consult with Los Angeles accident attorney who can assess your case.