When the subject on hand comes to mouse control, there are some techniques and tactics that work, and others that do not, but hey, isn't that normal? Well, I have been through several situations that required the use of certain mouse control tactics. So what I would like to accomplish here is to discuss some of the three best methods of mouse control.

  1. In my opinion, a natural mouse control method such as cleaning is very important. When I try to devise any plan or solution to a particular problem, I always try to eliminate the source of it all. In order to apply this strategy to the current situation, it is a good idea to contemplate on why the rodents are actually there. So why do rats intrude into a home? It doesn't take a whole lot of knowledge to answer this question. Actually common sense tells me that pests such as mice impose into a house for food. I would have to guess that warmth and a safe harbor to live would be a few others. The last two are hard to fix, but the food part can. I always try my best to clean up after meals and decrease the amount of food source available for the mice.
  2. Ultrasonic mouse control gadgets are another great mouse deterrent tool that I am quite fond of. These are great to keep the rats on edge and less likely to congregate in the areas where they are installed.
  3. The last method of pest control that I would like to discuss is getting a cat. I do have a cat that catches mice every week. Therefore, I am sure that a cat has some positive effect on the mouse problem. However, I also have to remember that if the cat keeps catching mice, then that means that they are still there. Upon examining this particular piece of evidence, it is evident that mice do not just leave because a cat is present in the home. It would make sense that they would, but I guess they are driven to fulfill their basic needs and survive. If you do not own a cat, or do not want to own a cat, then it would be a feasible idea to try using some old cat litter. This sort of material could be obtained from a local animal shelter or a neighbor.