If you own a hospital or care facility, the safety of your patients is your biggest priority.  Many patients come in critical condition and need to be monitored constantly.  Even those who are not so critical sometimes need special attention, though, especially if they’re at risk for wandering off.  Unless you can afford to have a staff person in every room, you probably don’t have everyone under constant supervision all the time.  That’s where nurse call systems come in handy.  They can help you and your staff to keep track of patients and deliver care when and where it’s needed.  In fact, a wireless nurse call can be great for many care situations, and especially for the following three:

Exit Doors at Nursing Homes

For facilities that care for the mentally ill, or seniors who aren’t able to remember where they are, it’s important to have a nurse call alarm on the exit doors.  This ensures that no matter who tries to wander out the door, at whatever time of day or night, the staff will be alerted.  With the proper technology, all available staff can receive a page or text, which then tells them which door has been opened.  That way, they are able to go directly to that location and catch up with the patient as quickly as possible.  Reminders can also be set to tell staff when to lock certain doors and when to do bed checks, if they are needed.

Equipment Monitoring on Critical Care Patients

When someone is severely injured or ill, they are often put in ICU or other types of critical care units.  This means there is a nurse nearby, at all times, to see to their needs and monitor their situation.  That doesn’t always mean a doctor is nearby.  With an emergency call system hooked up to monitor equipment, their doctor can be notified immediately of any drastic change in their condition.  Then, they can be connected to nurses, who can talk them through the situation until they arrive.  Nurses can also fill them in as they travel, to make sure they are ready to act as soon as they get to the patient.  They can even check in wirelessly when they aren’t necessarily needed, to find how their patient is doing.

Call Buttons for Immediate Assistance

Of course, in a hospital or senior care situation, an emergency can arise anytime.  That’s why it’s imperative to give each patient a quick and easy way to contact help if they need it.  This could be in the form of a call button on their bed, or even a pendant that they wear, both in and outside of their room.  This way, whether they need their bed pan, some medical assistance, or simply a glass of water, they can get hold of their nurse or doctor to receive immediate care.  With nurse call systems that are wireless, it won’t matter where they are, or where help is, because they are all constantly connected