While this isn't a ranked list as I consider all of them spectacular series, Skins UK has a very special place in my heart and is one of my very favorite TV shows I've had the pleasure of watching.



The series Skins ran from 2007-2012. It's a scripted show that centers around the lives of this group of teenagers that are in their last two years of high school. It shows the best and the worst of what being a teenager especially in the 21st century is. It's gritty, sincere and hilarious without trying to tell a message or be an afterschool special the way Degrassi, a Canadian teenage show does.



What's notable about Skins is that to truly get into what's going on in these teens lives, each episode centers around one character, telling their personal story on where they came from and what's going on with them. The rest of the characters are usually relegated to the background in each episode. That's not to say as background they never spoke or just passed through, more times than not they'd enable us to seem something new about Person A. If a certain person popped up while we saw the story of Person A, we found out more about the relationship between them but we ultimately followed Person A home.



But, what ultimately stands out in Skins from any other show is that every two seasons the characters change. For anyone that watches American television we know we typically have the same core characters, and we get them for multiple seasons. So this isn't something we're used to. But, ultimately it keeps the show fresh.


Now the Inbetweeners, is ridiculously hilarious. Where Skins could be labeled a Dramedy (Drama/Comedy), The Inbetweeners is just pure comedy. This teen series ran from 2008-2010 and centered around the guys above throughout the run. However, the main character is the one in the blazer. The meaning behind the title The Inbetweeners is also what the show is about, these are a group of guys who aren't considered popular by any sense of the word at school but aren't bottom of the barrel either. They're pretty average but have their moments of  being losers.


The Inbetweeners focuses on the social lives of this group and their desperation to get into parties, seem cool, have romantic relationships and hookups. The hilarity comes from just how awkward they are at pretty much just interacting with everyone outside of their group and how much they fail at getting these things they want.



Now Misfits, I'd consider a Drama though it has sprinkles of Comedy within it. It premiered in 2009 but is still producing seasons. It's a story that centers around young adults who have had trouble with the law and are now instead of jail time, performing community service to clean their record. This is how they all meet each other. It gets better. After a random storm hits, the group get superpowers that are reflective of their respective personalities. What the group finds out week after week is that they weren't the only one hit by the storm. Each week a "Freak of the Week" turns up that is usually there to create havoc having used their newly gained superpower to take advantage of the world for their benefit. This show is action fueled and will constantly have you wanting the next episode to come soon.



As you can see, of the three, Misfits is the only one whose series is still on-air producing new episodes. But, they are also the one series that kept more of their main characters yet rotated out some to bring new ones as mains so expect that as you go down the seasons.


Skins very recently had a three-part mini-series that took a look at the present lives of three chosen characters, Effy, Cassie, and Cook in the years after we left them. But, after watching most of the series, I wouldn't recommend it as it doesn't keep up the legacy of what Skins created for its series or for its fans.



The Inbetweeners a couple of years ago came out with a film that was a sincere and hilarious farewell to the show and its fans. I highly recommend watching it at the end of your time with the series. AND, apparently there's will be asequel to the film!


I'm sure you can find these series on Netflix, on YouTube where people have generously uploaded seasons or purchasing DVD box sets.



Get to watching!