Choosing an engagement ring is am expensive process that has both financial and personal implications.  If you follow the tips below you will be sure to avoid disappointment.

Choosing The Gold:

24 carat gold is the closest you can get to pure gold, however it is too soft for the making of jewellery. In most cases if the seller refers to 24 carat gold then the item is coated in 24 carat gold rather than made from solid 24 carat. In the making of gold jewellery another metal called nickel is often added to the mix. The slight issue of using and wearing nickel is the around 10% of the population are allergic to nickel so in that cases white gold that has not been mixed with nickel should be bought. The most common levels of gold purity range from 14 to 22 carat. The difference in price is substantial as a result of this purity so if budget plays an important part in your purchasing process you should consider 14 carat gold.

In some countries you may come across 9 carat gold, however its life expectancy is very short so in most countries such as in the US, 10 carat is the minimum level of gold sellers are allowed to sell as jewellery. The verification gold level is performed based on documentation that every item should have.

Choosing An Alternative:

If budget is a concern or you are looking to for something slightly different, there are other metals and other handmade rings that will offer good value for money and make you stand out from the crowed. The most popular type is silver jewellery that looks chic, but costs considerably less compared to gold. Silver is not only cheaper in many cases, but is very durable and can be worm for a lifetime.

Choosing A Diamond:

The most expansive part of the engagement ring is the diamond. The price of a diamond is calculated based on its physical appearance. First and foremost the diamond should have a visible spark. One that does not hold a spark is useless. The spark is based on the level of care invested in cutting the diamond and while you can compromise on many different aspects when it comes to buying jewellery, the spark is not one of them. One area that you can compromise on is the level of cleanliness. The cleaner the diamond is the more it would cost, however many small imperfections are very hard to notice so you do not have to buy the perfect diamond. A perfections level if VS2, SI1 and SI2 will suffice. The weight of the diamond will also impact the final price and it is based on a range of weight from minimum to maximum, for example from 0.60g to 0.69g will cost the same, so 0.70g diamond will cost significantly more and worth rethinking. 

Remember, buy an engagement that is within your budget and that you can exchange if need be.