The Internet offers the possibility of reaching billions of people in the world who might be interested in buying your product, using your services, or making a donation to your worthy cause. The marketing methods used in obtaining this level of business start with basic site design. With that in mind let's take a look at the rudiments which are involved to increase web traffic.

The Internet is actually a 24/7 business and is therefore concerned with offering new and improved services for web surfers. In order to accomplish this, there are certain implementations put in place to maintain this progress. Web 2.0 sites are those which have server side software installed to allow many people to share files and programs. Compliance with these Web 2.0 environments are now part of what it takes to help increase your site rankings.

SE rankings will always be influenced by site design and how well the site is organised for the typical web surfer. Creating separate categories for each type of product or service provides the visitor with a more enjoyable experience by allowing them to quickly find what they want. A Contact Us form supplies the means by which they can contact the site owner, and receive answers to their questions fairly rapidly.

Each product or service needs a clear explanation of what it does, or offers. Such pages are written with descriptive text which for the laymen out there is also more commonly known as site content. During the composition, certain words are repeated and become known as keywords. These descriptive pages become what is known as site content, and is expected by the SE spiders to be original, and up to date with fresh information.

The keywords should be product specific and not in any way a designed to trick the surfing public into visiting a site that has nothing to do with what the visitor was expecting. These keywords will be used in all other form of site promotion and should not be cute, but precise, so that they will produce better results in the SERPs.

Pay-Per-Click ads are the Internet equivalent of affordable advertising for businesses, and only cost money when a potential customer clicks on the ad. The product keywords are used in these ads to increase the chance of your site coming up in a search engine inquiry. PPCs are intended as short messages, and allowed only so many words to get the point across.

PPCs are also a part of the mobile marketing arena, and the same ads used on the Internet, can also be used in advertising that appears on cell phone screens. With more people owning a cell phone, there is a greater market of potential customers who are looking for local information and businesses.

There are billions of web sites on the Internet, and about half of them are potential places to promote your business. Blogs and other social media can help increase web traffic, but can be very time consuming to pursue on your own. When promoting your business, consider hiring a professional SEO company because good SEO is the real secret to increase web traffic.