There is no doubt that cutting the cost of telephone calls can make a big impact on the monthly household budget. It is very easy to get caught out by some of the pitfalls that are hidden in amongst the structuring of call tariffs that in some cases are unnecessarily complex. Some of the most expensive calls are made when calling from abroad under roaming charges, calling 08 numbers and calls to other networks. With a few changes to the way we make calls, some increased awareness of the way call charges are structured and the introduction of one or two apps, many people could dramatically reduce the amount they spend on call charges. Here we present out top tips for reducing your call charges.

Make More Use of internet Calls. Using online applications to make calls from computers and Smartphones can drastically reduce call charges and even make them free. There are many applications like Skype, Viper and MSN that allow you to not only make free voice calls to other people who have the app installed but also free video calls. With some internet applications you can also load credit onto them and call other landlines and mobiles at vastly reduced rates. If you have a PC, tablet or smartphone and you are not making use of internet call applications you are missing a great opportunity to reduce you telephone bill

BT customers can use an app to make high-tariff calls at landline rates. Smartphone users have been able to use apps in various ways to make life and communication easier. A new app from BT called BT SmartTalk is a new way to reduce the cost of some of the most expensive calls including calls to 0800  numbers from a mobile and roaming calls from abroad. The way this works is that calls are routed via the internet but charged as if they were made from a landline. This will benefit customers who make calls from abroad while logged into a wifi network (to avoid expensive data roaming charges) and will make calls to 0800 numbers that are usually charged on a mobile, free because it will charge them as if calling from a landline

Be aware of peak and off peak times. Many people take out packages that give free or reduced charges at off-peak times including evenings and weekends without being clear about when these off-peak rates apply. The times differ between providers and it is always worth being absolutely clear about the times during which your free or reduced call charges apply.

Use social tariffs if you qualify. Many providers offer social tariffs at reduced rates to people below a certain level of income or to people with certain disabilities or issues that make having a telephone essential. If you think that you may qualify for a social tariff it is always worth enquiring with your provider to see if you meet their criteria.

These are our top tips for utilising the devices and access that you already have to dramatically reduce the money spent on call packages and call charges. Initially, changing the way you use communication devices requires some effort and attention but before too long, utilising money-saving measures for cheaper calls can become second nature.