Here are some top tips for buying balloons on the web. Find out about the different types of balloons, from colored balloons to those for weddings, anniversaries and other occasions. Helium or air? There's also information about how to blow up your balloons.

Buy Numbered Balloons on the Web

Numbered balloons are great for an anniversary or special birthday occasion. Number balloons are available in a wide range of numbers, so they can be used whatever the occasion. Numbers are printed on the balloons, or you can buy number shaped balloons. Most number shaped balloons are made of foil and look more effective if inflated with helium gas. For 18th and 21st birthday parties it's possible to get special balloons with two numbers glued together. Similar shaped balloons are available for wedding anniversaries - the balloons are normally made of silver or gold printed foil.

Buy Balloon Sticks on the Web

If you fill your balloons with air then they won't of course float unless it's really windy. One way to make your air filled balloons more interesting is to tie them to balloon sticks or balloon wands. Balloon sticks can be bought online. They can be bought in packs of one color or as a pack of assorted colors. Balloon sticks are also available in a variety of lengths. If you're going to hand out your balloons to small children then be sure to buy child friendly balloons sticks with no detachable parts.

Buying or Renting Helium Gas Tanks

If you're inflating your balloons then you've basically got the choice of inflating them with either helium or air. Inflating balloons with helium gas makes them lighter than air, so they float.

Helium gas can be obtained by inflating balloons using a helium gas tank. You can buy these, or rent them. If you're blowing up more than 20 balloons then it's usually more economical to rent a helium gas canister. Helium tanks can be rented in a variety of sizes. If you're intending to inflate balloons with the helium then be sure to get a canister that is specifically designed for the purpose, as compressed gases can be dangerous. In particular, make sure that the rental company supplies you with a regulator specifically designed to inflate balloons.

Most countries have rules and regulations regarding the transport of compressed gas canisters in vehicles. To save hassle it's usually better to order helium canisters online then it can be delivered safely to your door. Helium canisters are also heavy, so online ordering will save you having to manhandle a big gas canister around yourself.

When choosing balloons to inflate with helium gas make sure you buy enough gas to inflate them! Remember that larger balloons require more gas to inflate them. Latex balloons tend to leak helium, so they don't stay inflated for as long as foil balloons do. If you want to inflate your balloons before an event, or you want your balloons to last longer then a secret tip is to spray a substance called Hi-Coat inside them before you inflate them. Hi-Float stops the helium escaping from the balloon, so it stays inflated for much longer than an ordinary latex balloon.

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