Let’s face it, we all want to look good in our everyday life and especially if we have a high powered job where looking really smart is an essential for that job. A really well-tailored suit is an essential and it is usually necessary to invest a good deal of money in two or three well-tailored suits to achieve that end. There is nothing worse than seeing an expensive suit which is either too tight or too loose on someone. A good tailored suit is called that for the reason that it is ‘tailored’ to fit you well and comfortably.

Here are a few top tis for tailoring women’s’ suits, starting with the jacket. Try on the jacket and take note of where it doesn’t fit and by how much. Jackets can most easily be altered in the sleeves, the waist and the length. If the jacket doesn’t fit in the shoulders or across the chest you will probably need an expert tailor to do the alterations.

Secondly, try on the skirt or trousers of the suit to check how they fit and determine how much needs to be altered. Both of these items can be lengthened slightly or, if needs be, made significantly shorter. Just be warned that letting out trousers or skirts is much harder than hemming them, so again, it is preferable to have a tailor do this tailoring job for you.

Another tip is to take your measurements. You will need a flexible measuring tape and you may need someone to do this for you. By examining the seam allowances of the suit separates, you will determine whether you can let the garments out. If there is insufficient fabric in the seams then it will not be possible to let the garment out. However, seam allowance doesn’t affect taking clothes in. To effect this tailoring job you will need a seam ripper. If you don’t have one, always take your garments to your tailor.

Always remember to pin the seams securely and try on the suit with the pins in to test the alterations – don’t prick yourself! Now you can sew the seams either by hand or with your sewing machine, making sure the seams are secure. Again, this is probably a job that you may wish to leave to your expert tailor. Then you can iron down the seams for a finishing touch or have the suit professionally dry cleaned and pressed. Voila! A perfectly fitting suit which will make you look and feel good.