Travelling With Your Dog

Tips For a Trouble-Free Experience

Dogs in CarAcross Europe and America, more and more people are deciding that as the dog is part of the family too, then it is only right that the pet gets to come away on vacation. Before travelling with your dog there are many things to consider. There is a lot of confusion about dog friendly policies and excessively high fees that are sometimes charged. Here are some top tips and dog-friendly ideas to help you make sure that travelling with your dog is a stress and trouble free experience,

Health Considerations.

First and foremost, before embarking on your journey, a trip to your veterinary practice is a wise precaution. Ensure that your dog is in good health, is free from ticks, fleas and parasites and that inoculations are up to date.

Plan in Advance

Taking your pet with you will totally dictate what you can and cant do on your trip. Many dogs will be in a high state of excitement with all the new sights, sounds and smells on your journey. Most people find this unbridled enthusiasm to sniff, smell and mark out new territory entertaining – but not everyone! Ensuring that you have researched your route in advance and pre-arranging your dog friendly locations could well save uncomfortable nights sleeping out in the car with your dog because you can’t find any accommodation that welcomes your pet.

Also bear in mind that there are varying levels of dog friendliness ranging from dog toleration through to genuine dog orientation with dedicated facilities for pets. The last thing you need is to be stuck on the fourth floor of a hotel with nowhere to exercise and toilet your dog during your stay. Read reviews from people who have gone before and select establishments that rate high in the opinions of previous guests. Be sure to contact the establishment and actually speak to someone to make sure that your breed and size of dog is not considered an exception and also to clarify the charges. If possible, book a room on the ground floor with easy access to an outside area.  Many establishments will not allow dogs to stay in rooms unattended.

Another consideration enroute will be where you are going to eat. Sitting down to a nice meal could well be spoilt by the fact that your much loved pet has been confined to the car while you enjoy yourself or that you have to take turns dog sitting. You may be able to find restaurants that allow dogs in the outside table areas. Once again, researching in advance will inevitably save you stress on the journey.

No Dogs AllowedResearching your destination as well as your route can save further frustration. Knowing in advance where those Dogs Not Allowed signs are likely to be placed can only help. Many beaches and open spaces do not allow dogs in the high season and indeed some areas may restrict them altogether.


Travelling By Car

If you are planning to take your dog in the car with you there are a few precautions that you need to consider. An unrestrained dog bounding around the vehicle or being sick over your shoulder as you drive could be quite perilous.

The dangers of travelling with your dog in the car can be minimised if it has been given plenty of prior opportunity to experience car travel and has undergone training on how to behave. It may be that you have to use some form of restraint. If this is the case then a lot of experienced travellers recommend the Kurgo range of products and especially the Kurgo Automobile Zip Line

Many dogs are prone to travel sickness and it is widely accepted that having your dog facing forwards can help. Being prepared to deal with the occasional accident in the car by having plenty of plastic bags and paper towels available is a wise precaution.

Travelling By Air

Airlines carry dogs in pressurised areas of the cargo bay on an aircraft. Generally the best advice is to consult with your intended carrier on their requirements. You will need to provide a travelling crate to suit the regulations relating to size requirements.

Go For It

Travelling with your dog can be a very rewarding experience if the proper care has been put into the planning stage. It is likely that the experience will take you to places and establishments you would not have gone to otherwise and you are likely to meet people you would not have met otherwise.

Best of all is the fact that your pet will also have new and exciting adventures and will not experience the anxiety of separation from you just as you will not have the worry of how your pet is coping while you are away from home.

Plan for every eventually, take your dog and have a GREAT time together.