It happens every year. The top toys that the kids all want become scarce as Christmas time comes around. Figuring out what the hot toys are well before Christmas is a challenge, but it can make shopping time easier. Let's see if we can figure it out in advance.

Start checking out the stores, online and off, for your child's wish list this year.

Top Toys for Christmas 2010

Paper Jamz Drums and Paper Jamz Guitar is a rhythm game and toy musical instrument. They are made of cardboard and paper and have pads which are touch sensitive that play musical tones. There are three styles of play – freestyle, rhythm, and no-fail. This is one of the top toys for boys in 2010.

Squinkies are one of the top toys for girls in 2010. Squinkies are these little plastic bubbles that contain a doll. Sounds kind of silly right? That's the clue that the little girls will love them. You get a set of 16 Squinkie surprise dolls in each set. There is also a dollhouse that you can get. Get your cheap Squinkies early before you have to start spending extra cash on EBay.

Stinky Garbage Truck is made by Matchbox. This toy truck is an interactive toy that talks and sings and does all the silly stuff that kids love. Stinky Garbage Truck gobbles up garbage and dumps it when he is full. This one is strange but strange toys are often very popular.

Bigfoot the Monster is a remote controlled robot with a personality. He walks, talks, and burps. He'll play catch, roar, and shake his fists all at your command. Bigfoot the Monster gets happy, sad, and angry just like all monsters do.

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 video game is the newest in the Lego video game series. There are 160 characters and many outfits to dress your characters up in. Lego Harry Potter is sure to be big this Christmas.

Silly Bandz are shaped silicone bands that can be stretched out and worn like a bracelet. Silly Bandz come in many shapes (such as animals) and after you stretch them out they go back to their original shape. This is a fantastic gift for young girls.

Sing-a-Ma-Jigs are bright, cuddly, cheerful, and annoying for adults. What better choice for a hot Christmas gift. These little devils…I mean angels sing when you squeeze them and the more you get the more they sing. This is the type of gift that the adults will want to keep the batteries out of but the kids will keep talking you into replacing. Go Sing-a-Ma-Jigs!!!

Nintendo DSi is the next generation of Nintendo DS. This includes a camera that you can take digital photos with. You can also listen to music that has been saved on an SD card. As the DS keeps up with the times you can now buy points and spend them on the DSi.

The hot toys will start selling out. If you can find them soon start grabbing the top toys of Christmas 2010. The earlier that you start looking the more likely you will be to find the toys that are most wanted this year. No one likes to the one to tell their children that Santa just couldn't make enough of whatever your little munchkin wants this year.

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