Ah, the single life on the road. What better way to experience everything you want, whenever you want, without having to take into account how others feel? Traveling single is a great way to experience places to the fullest while meeting others along the way. At the same time, it is important to be cautious about where you go, as different parts of the world may have different mindsets and attitudes regarding gender and safety. Here are some great places for women to travel when single:

New York

Central Park NYCCredit: wikipedia

New York is a great place to go when you are single, since so many other people living in the city are single as well. There is an abundance of transportation available making it safe to travel for single women, whether it involves using the subway or New York’s famous yellow cabs. The city is also very walking friendly. Another benefit to traveling to this city single is that the costs of things drop when you only have to spend it on your own rather than shelling out expenses for children and/or spouse. What makes New York also great for women in particular is the sheer amount of window shopping you get to do in the city – just walk downs Saks Fifth Avenue and take a look for yourself!


montrealCredit: wikipedia

As in the French style, many of the sights in Montreal make you feel as if you were walking in a neighborhood in a French city. There are the classic-looking churches, the numerous open bars and of course, many attractive other singles. Contrary to what many believe, people in Montreal do in fact speak English, as Montreal is a bilingual city. For starters, spend a nice evening at the bar and get to know some of the locals (or some of the students from McGill University), or sit at a café and enjoy a nice crepe or poutine. Bon appétit!

Caribbean islands

Caribbean islandsCredit: wikipedia

The Caribbean islands have long been a paradise for many. Going on a Caribbean cruise is a great way to get around and also speak to other travelers, while enjoying the beautiful waters and warm sand. There are tons of fun activities to do the islands, such as diving, windsurfing or simply sun tanning with a pina colada in hand. If you head to certain destinations such as the Bahamas or Puerto Rico, you may have the chance to see various jazz festivals or colorful carnivals. Plus, now’s a great time to get out the bikini and head to the beach.


IrelandCredit: wikipedia

 Ah, Ireland. Ireland is a great place for women because, not only are the scenes of the peaceful countryside idyllic and romantic, but the country is abundant in friendly pubs that keep lots of beer. Unlike many places in the world, there isn’t the stigma against women drinking beer or starting up conversations. There are many Irish bed & breakfasts owned by families where women can stay and get to know more about the culture. Irish strangers have no problem starting a friendly conversation or saying “hello” to people they see, which makes it a great opportunity for single travelers to get to know the locals better. Some great sights in Ireland include Dublin Castle and the Wicklow Mountains, Valley and Lakes.


Amsterdam(93032)Credit: wikipedia

Most of Western Europeis considered safe for female travelers on the road. Also, women and men generally have the same rights compared to in the North America. However, Amsterdam comes up particularly because of its free-spirited culture. The Dutch believe in the independence of women and there is little male harassment. Also, English is spoken widely in the city and people are very friendly. There are a lot of great places in Amsterdam that are worth checking out, although it is not advised to walk around the Red Light District as a single female traveler at odd times of the night.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica(93034)Credit: wikipedia

Before you rule out Latin America from stories of aggressive men and harassment, you should consider Costa Rica. Costa Rica is increasingly become a popular tourist location because it is considered a much safer traveler destination than many other Latin American destinations. The locals are very friendly and generally willing to help. Much of the culture is very laid-back with the goal of enjoying life and helping visitors along the way. There are shuttle vans available if you wish to travel from one place to another with other tourists rather than taking a public bus.


Australia(93033)Credit: wikipedia

Just the culture of Australia itself is a reason to visit as a single female. Australians are very friendly and travel-oriented, especially towards those travelling on their own. From a scenic viewpoint, there are many beautiful places to visit inAustralia. I recommend diving in the Great Barrier Reef and heading to theBanzai Beachto surf or relax. If you’re feeling like going to the city, check out the Sydney Opera House or the Sydney Aquarium to see not only ocean life, but also kangaroos and koalas.


Vietnam(93031)Credit: wikipedia

Vietnamis largely now considered one of the safest countries in the world to visit. It is becoming more and more popular to visit, which has led to more tourism companies establishing businesses there. There is a lot of sightseeing and shopping to be had in Vietnam with nice spas to top it off. Hotels in Vietnam range from being very cheap to decadent. Regardless of your choice in where you stay, hospitality in Vietnam understands welcoming service. Your budget will go a long way when you travel to Vietnam.

A Closing Note

There are many great places that a single woman can travel independently – you just have to look for them. Remember to look for places that are friendly towards solo travelers, respect women’s rights and are popular tourist destinations. It’s also great to ask fellow female friends if they have had experience traveling single in countries. Traveling single can be one of the most rewarding, relaxing and valuable learning experiences one can have.