Why do vacationers travel to Aruba?

A vacation is meant for rest and relaxation.  To get away from the hectic commotion of everyday life, the heavy burdens of work, and to enjoy the simplistic perks of paradise.  There is one island in particular that embraces this motto and on all accounts will deliver to you everything you would hope to expect from a tropical paradise; this island is Aruba.

Aruba enjoys the highest return rating of the Caribbean, and do you know why?  It’s because the island has unparalleled beaches, amazing sunsets, warm weather and loads of excursions for all

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Quick and Interesting Facts about Aruba

  • Aruba's lowest travel season falls between April 15th and December 14th and High Season is between December 15th and April 14th. Some hotel & resort accommodation packages differ from these dates by perhaps a week or so.  Depending on your finances you might wish to consider this when making travel plans.
  • Aruba enjoys an average yearly temperature of 88° F.
  • Aruba is 19.6 miles long and just located off the coast of Venezuela.
  • The official language of the Island is Dutch, however English and Spanish are commonly spoken given the fact that the highest amount of revenue comes from tourism.


Aruba is filled to the brim with attractions.  Aside from the conventional beach activities such as parasailing, surfing, snorkeling and tanning, there are some must see-attractions in Aruba that you will thoroughly enjoy. 

The Arikok National Park composes nearly 20% of Aruban property.  Guests fortunate to travel the park will be able to observe some of the indigenous natural wildlife through a hiking tour.  Don’t lose out on the opportunity to look around, do things that you wouldn’t be privy to by staying within your hotel.  Make a trip through dunes and caves for a proactive adventure.

Philip’s Animal Garden is great. Ocelots, capuchin monkeys, kangaroos this is a great opportunity for an interactive and informational excursion while you’re in Aruba.  For those with young children, this is a magnificent break from the beach.

Rancho Notorious is an attraction for all those who have ever dreamed about taking a horseback ride across the beach.  Well-trained horses and donkeys will guide you through the dunes, as you explore lava formations and see a variety of animals along the way.

Restaurants in Aruba

Though the island is primitive compared to the vast sprawling cities that we call home, Aruba thrives on service and tourism.  As a result, some amazing restaurants have emerged that will knock your socks off.  For those who are looking for just a quick reference; definitely check-out Carte Blanche, Two Fools and a Bull, and the Sunset Grille.

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