Wall Treatment

In the interior design world, specialists have a wonderful saying “Every wall is a blank canvas”. As such it can be made into whatever your heart desires. Leaving the walls blank speaks volumes about the home-owners. It indicates lack of imagination, lack of creativity and even lack of desire to reinvent your house and turn it into a real home. Don't linger behind, sticking to what you know... instead, grab a paint brush and revamp your living room! Make it bold, make it sassy, make it classy and stunning... let it tell a story – your story!

Nowadays, it is simple to find inspiration. You can visit showrooms, skim through the latest magazines or simply sit in front of your PC and look for blogs focused on home decoration. With DIY projects' claim for an honourable spot amongst the best interior design trends, budget-friendly décor is more than possible – it is a must!

Twist the Colours

The first thing that needs attention when it comes to wall treatments is the colour. Most people still cling to the classic and safe shades of beige and white. While they allow the furniture to pop out, give you freedom to add various accessories and make fancy focal points elsewhere, they miss character... One simply can't make a statement by using safe, reliable colour schemes.

What colours can you use to jazz up your wall treatment? Well, as usually, it depends on what you are aiming for. According to the latest trends in the industry, pastels are back in fashion accompanied by floral motives and stripes. However, if you want to stun the visitors, you can still try metallics, black and white combinations (vintage Hollywood style) or the oh-so-fancy 50 shades of grey, blue or green. 

Accent Wall

They say “Everything new is well-forgotten old”, so those of you who remember the 70's or you have a soft spot for vintage décor, creating an accent wall is not a novelty. However, let me freshen up your memories – you can emphasize on a wall which is already the natural focal point of the room. For instance, you have a fireplace there, the bed is placed against it (provided that you haven't opted for a fancy headboard) and etc. in those cases, you can successfully make an accent wall.

A piece of advice: The accent colour needs to complement the colours in the room, rather than “fight” them. Red wall, for once, won't work well in a space where the rest of the walls are painted in blue or green – it just tenses the eye! On the other hand, when combined with the right tones of beige, chocolate or even grey in a contemporary setting. To tie all loose ends and give the room a finished look, make sure the accessories and the furniture “connect” the two wall colours.

Textured Walls

While an accent wall with a flashy colour is in, the real treat for the eye is when you use texture. Interior designers agree faux alligator skin, vinyl, sharkskin and patent leather can make for sensational accents. With green proclaimed as The Colour for 2013, grass cloth is certainly a spiffy choice. 

Textured walls give a lot of food for the imagination but they require regular maintenance as well. For an obvious reason, these wall treatments attract dust like magnets, so you have to clean them at least once a week, if you want to avoid coming off as a sloppy housekeeper. Representatives of the best cleaning company in East Bentleigh recommend dusting the wall treatment with a feather duster or a microfibre cloth to remove the thin layer of dirt. Vacuum cleaning can also be an option, if the texture allows it. To be certain what the best sanitizing methods are, ask your contractor of the sales people at the store you have bought them.

Wall Art

Now, for my favourite part – wall art. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your walls with paintings, murals, stencils and even swanky bookshelves. Make sure the colours on the piece complement those you have used in the room. Otherwise, it will look odd and out-of-place, creating the exactly opposite effect than what you were aiming for.

Textured Wall Treatment