When designing your new nursery for your new baby there are a thousand things to consider and make huge decisions on like: type of nursery, colors, drapes, cribs, shelves, changing tables, desks, closet organizers, and most important chairs and seating. Well chairs are probably one of the most functional pieces of furniture that can be in a new nursery. Many people get caught up in all of the colors and cute décor items that are available for your new baby to come home to and that is fine but you need to consider what will be used on a daily basis and what is going to be the most important parts of the room. Then that is what you should spend your money and decision making on first. There are two important kinds of chairs to consider when shopping for your nursery and both have positives and negatives to them.

The first is a simple white wicker chair. This type of chair is very popular for people that want to have a solid piece of furniture in their new nursery environment yet still have a nice welcoming feel. This chair provides the best of both worlds. It is a piece of furniture that can be used in other rooms of the house as well as take on other feels or styles of the house's different decor. If you are going to change the room later or update it as your baby grows up this is a great chair to still be functional for years to come. If you decide to purchase one that is white it will go with mostly every other color that you pair with it. Another great feature is the fact that these chairs provide plenty of room and comfort due to the fact that most white wicker chairs are oversized so they will be comfortable to sit in. The downfall of this kind of chair is the fact that they are stationary and can be heavy and hard to move around if ever needed.

The next kind of chair is baby rocking chairs. These are more popular than the white wicker chairs basically because they provide you with a sentimental piece of furniture. Its sole purpose is to be the piece of furniture that is going to be a family tradition or always be the baby's rocking chair. These chairs are comfortable and are perfect for rocking a baby to sleep in a new nursery. This kind of chair comes in all shapes, designs, sizes, and styles for you to choose from as well. The only downfall that these chairs have is because they are so specific for one particular use they are hard to fit into other rooms if needed. Other than that they a baby rocking chair is a perfect way to go for a new nursery.

Hope fully this has helped clear up a couple of the most popular baby chairs for your nursery. Both of them are great additions to any house and bot are very practical and functional for you to use for years to come.