Wearable HD cameras are becoming more and more popular. The small size and portability of these little video cameras allow you to mount it practically anywhere and document almost anything you do. Every day it seems people are coming up with more and more ways to use these mini HD wearable webcams. Here are the current top 10 uses for an HD wearable webcam.


Nothing works better to document your sports activities then a wearable HD cam mounted on your helmet, bicycle bar, etc. You can find great high definition videos from a first person perspective of people surfing, Downhill Mountain biking, skateboarding, etc.

You can get a Midland wearable webcam with a waterproof housing. If you are serious about your sports then you need a waterproof housing. You may not be a surfer but even rock climbers can get the camera exposed to unexpected wetness.


If you have never worn an HD wearable webcam while being romantic then give it a try. It gives you and your partner a true first person perspective of how things truly look. It may not necessarily be romantic but it sure is funny looking at the HD video later.


Nothing is cooler than documenting your fishing trip and that time you hooked the “big one” then by wearing a high definition wearable camcorder. The excitement of capturing the fish can only be superseded by telling other people about the huge fish. When they doubt you then whip out your video and share it with them.


Nothing beats wearing a Midland webcam while you are driving. Many racecar drivers like to wear GoPro style cameras while they race their cars so they can document all the action. You do not have to be a racecar driver to benefit from using a wearable webcam while you drive. You can simply be driving and wear one. If you do this every day on your way to work and your way back home then you will capture numerous different interesting things that occur. You can then take the videos, upload them to YouTube, and make money off of them. All you need is a Google Adsense account. If you do not have an Adsense account then you can easily get one. Buy a wearable HD webcam, wear it, capture video, upload it to YouTube, and make some money!

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If you have an HD cam such as a GoPro webcam then you can expect to earn a lot of money if you begin making videos for YouTube. All you need is an imagination and a HD wearable head cam. What is keeping you from getting a webcam such as the GoPro? Buy one today and make some money with YouTube!