There is not a specific way of dealing with the death of a dog. Everybody grieves the loss of a beloved pet in different way. Some of these methods may help you to cope with the loss of your dog and others methods may make it harder for you. Read through these and implement them if they will help you in your time of need.

Get a New Pet

One method of coping with a dog’s death is to get a new dog. The new dog definitely is not a replacement for the dog that died. You can never replace the dog that died, but you can take joy in helping keep his spirit alive by giving your love to a new pet dog.

Volunteer at the Pet Shelter

You may not be ready yet to have a new dog of your own but you can still get playtime with dogs and help them out tremendously by volunteering to help out at your local animal shelter. While volunteering here you may also find the right pet dog for you and decide to go ahead and adopt him. By volunteering at an animal shelter you can keep your mind occupied with positive actions and truly help to keep the spirit of your dead dog alive by giving love to all of the other dogs at the local animal shelter. Helping families to find the correct dog for them to adopt can bring many blessings and rewards into your life.

The animal shelters are almost always in desperate need of volunteers. I is truly a win-win situation for everyone when you decide to volunteer your time at the local animal shelter.

Go Out With Friends

Going out with friends can help to get your mind off of your dead dog. Having a dog die is a lot like getting heartbroken after a bad breakup. Coping can be very difficult to do but with the help of friends it can be a bearable task. One thing that helps out a lot is to simply go do some fun activities with your friends. Maybe you can go on a weekend road trip or to the club at night. Whatever you do it is important to keep your friends active in your life because you can rely on your true friends to help you out in ties of grief. It can be hard on your friends when you are constantly crying about your dead dog, but that is what they are there for.


Some people can find comfort by getting a tattoo to memorialize their beloved pet. A tattoo can be a very personal experience and can help you out tremendously. You may get something simple such as your dog’s name with the word RIP or you may choose to get a life-like picture of the dog permanently embedded into your skin.

Spread the Ashes

Some people find a lot of the stress and pain of having a dog die can be to get the dog cremated and then to spread the ashes. If you used to take your dog camping and he loved to go swimming in the lake while you were fishing then maybe consider spreading his ashes in the lake. Spreading ashes has helped many people cope with a sudden death. It will not entirely heal your grief but it can help out tremendously. Some people prefer to spread the ashes while others may prefer to keep the ashes in an urn at home that is on display.


The greatest healer of all grief is time. If you give something enough time that pain will fade away. The pain never fades away entirely, but it will fade away enough to make day-to-day living much more tolerable. Time helps with all types of grief whether it is the death of a dog, a divorce, rape, and any other thing that can cause grief in your life. Give it enough time and the pain will fade away. You will never forget your pet but the pain will gradually ease away as time passes. 

Read Books on Coping

There are numerous books on coping with the pain of death. Many of these books focus on the loss of a human life but you can apply the same principles to your personal situation with your deceased dog.

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There are many books that are designed specifically to help you cope with the sudden death of a loved one. Sometimes simply reading is enough to help people cope better, regardless of what they read. Maybe you like skiing and when you begin reading the skiing magazine it helps you to take your mind off of your dog that died.

Coping with the death of a dog is often harder to do when it occurs suddenly and unexpected. One day you are laying Frisbee with your dog and then the next day he gets hit by a car and the vet has to “put him down” to take him out of his pain. The sudden death of a dog can send your life spiraling out of control. Take control back of your life by finding healthy outlets for your grief and pain. Death can cause awful pain regardless of if it is a human or a pet.