As a kid your sources to make money will be limited. Here are some of the top ways that kids make money. Regardless of your age if you truy want to get some work as a child then you can. Kids can work just as well as adults do in order to earn some money. 


An allowance seems like it is still one of the most popular ways for kids to make money. Some parents simply give their kids an allowance each week as long as they stay out of trouble while other parents will make their children work for it. If you are a child who gets an allowance and want a bigger allowance then make sure you stay out of trouble and then approach your parents and explain to them that you would like more allowance and in exchange you willing to work harder and carry on more chores by yourself. Your parents may be more apt to listen to your request for more allowance if they know you are willing to work for it and that you simply won’t be wasting the money on ice cream and candy bars.

Paper Route

A paper route is that quintessential job that many children have had. If you as a child get a paper route it will often bring back fond memories to your parents who will reminisce about their time as a paper delivery person. A Paper route is hard work, but it can all help to fund all of your new toys.


In today’s World there may be more children who earn money through blogging as opposed to a paper route. Kids can start their own blog and then monetize it like adults do using Adsense or affiliate programs. The only difference is that the Adsense or affiliate account will need to be in the name of their parents. Some children pull $1,000 or more each month by simply blogging and then monetizing their blog.

Lawn Mowing

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Mowing lawns is the job that is loved by many children throughout the summer. Lawn Mowing, if done properly, can earn you a lot of money. As a child you may need your parents help to get a lawnmower you can use to mow lawns. It works best to start by asking your neighbors if they would need someone to mow their lawn over the summertime. You can then branch out from your neighborhood into other neighborhoods once you get more customers down.

Yard Sales

You have a lot of old toys and junk and where better to get rid of it then your own yard sale.

Lemonade Stand

Opening a lemonade stand is another one of the iconic childhood jobs. Many people will stop at a lemonade stand and buy a tall glass of lemonade. It is not that these customers necessary want a glass of lemonade but they like to support hardworking children who are not lazy and it also helps these adults to remember when they were a child and ran their own lemonade stand.


Children make some of the best tattoo artists. You as a child can tattoo your parents, friends, and family in exchange for a small payment of cash to your pocket. Of course I am not talking about real tattoos but instead the temporary tattoos that wash off.

Write a Book

In today’s digital World it is extremely easy for children to be able to type their own book out and then digitally publish it. You as a child could have your own book for sale on Amazon.

Snow removal

If you live n a wintery climate where it snows then grab a snow shovel and head out to shovel snow. After a bug snowstorm people hate to shovel their sidewalks and driveways to be clear of snow. The world of shoveling snow is not steady, but it can be very lucrative when it lasts. It is vital that you are able to work hard because it might be very cold outside, but you will work up a huge sweat.

Fixing Computers

Kids often grow up with computers and are very familiar with them If grandma or grandpa has some friends who need computer help you could help them out. They may need a program installed, emails deleted, or something else and you may be very familiar with how to help them quickly and easily. It may seem funny that someone would not know how to delete their emails but if someone is entirely new to the World of Computers then you can understand why this can and does occur on a regular basis with people who are just learning about computers for the very first time.

Volunteer Reader

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As a volunteer reader you will not make any money directly, but it can lead to a lot of other lucrative jobs. Many elderly people have vision problems and you as a child can volunteer your time to go “hang out” with them and to read books and newspapers to them. You also will learn to chat with and to just be friends with them. These elderly people often have friends or family that need help periodically and the person your volunteer with will definitely recommend you if they know you are looking for some part-time work. Sometimes working for free can be the best paying job of all.

Musical Instrument Lessons

If you play the piano or another musical instrument then you can offer to tutor and teach new students the basics of playing the instruments. If you are very good at playing a musical instrument then you can often keep very busy with clients. You can price-cut the adults and still make more than any other job that may be available for kids. In addition to musical instruments you can also charge to tutor younger students on reading or math. Although academic tutoring is a possible source of income, musical instrument training is often much more lucrative to the enterprising young child who wants to earn some money.